How to budget for your next move

calculate moving costs

There are many logistics to think about when planning a move, and your budget plays a key role. The price of the moving company you choose is an important concern, of course, but there are other costs to consider as well. Getting a detailed quote and budgeting for these extra costs ahead of time can help you save considerably on your move.

Comparing quotes

Samantha Raynovich, national sales program manager at moving and storage company PODS, said getting an accurate quote up front will save you money down the road. She recommends asking companies for a detailed breakdown of costs instead of a general quote.

“A detailed quote helps you stay on budget and stress less by taking into account all the costs of your move,” she said. “That way, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or incurring unexpected expenses later on.”

The unexpected costs of moving

Additionally, there are other expenses to consider while doing your research. Some of these extra costs could include:

  • Gas and per-mileage charges
  • Storage, lodging, and tolls
  • Time spent driving
  • Towing your vehicle
  • Insurance

Cost vs. convenience

When it comes to moving, however, pricing isn’t everything. Raynovich recommends weighing convenience against price when choosing a moving company.

For instance, you might save a little when using a rental truck, but there may be added stress when you have to race against the clock to get the truck back on time. 

Make sure to consider those little wrinkles and inconveniences that many people don’t anticipate.  Are you confident about maneuvering a rental truck through unfamiliar territory and prepared to deal with potential accidents, parking challenges, and breakdowns? If you hire a moving company and run into an unexpected delay, are there storage options available to you? Conveniences such as having someone else do the driving could save you some hassles – not to mention money – in the long run.

It’s no secret that moving can be stressful, but staying in control of your budget can at least alleviate some of the anxiety. By carefully researching and weighing your options, smart budgeting is a lot easier.   


This guest post was written by PODS®. PODS® makes moving and storage more convenient and less stressful through its innovative solution of delivering a level container and providing the customer all the time they need to load and unload their container.

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