The Benefits to Adding an Extension to Your Home

You may have considered moving out to find a bigger house due to the limited space in your house. But why go through all this strenuous and expensive activity? Well, If you are looking for a way to create more space without the upheaval of having to move the house or changing your current lifestyle, then your home builders adding an extension to your home is the ideal way. An extension will simply enhance your living space and add some value to your property. So, here are some of the benefits that an extension will bring to your home. 

Create Space

If you are having trouble finding extra space in the house, the addition of a house extension is the best way to get the extra rooms that would save you such inconveniences. Not only does it create extra space, but it also saves you the trouble of going through the exhausting process of locating a house that is big enough, pack and relocate. 

Having an extension will provide you with enough room to accommodate the growing family, a guest or even arrange your personal stuff. Some people can use the space added as an office especially if you are working from home while others will use it as a gym or an entertaining spot. 

You may be a little creative and design the extension on the outside of the house and have it installed with glass windows to emphasize that feeling of having enough space and allow light into the room. This is beneficial to people who are looking for a conservatory, garden rooms or an orangery. 

Adding Value to your Property 

No matter the house extension cost that you may incur, adding any type of extension will definitely increase your property value. Furthermore, as odd as it may seem, some people upon realizing this particular benefit of an extension have contacted the house builders to have an additional room fitted in before they sell their property. 

If you’re planning to rent your house, adding a high-quality extra room in your current property would maximize the value of the house in the market and further help solve the space problem for the occupants.

Better Alternative to Moving

Many people decide to get a house extension as a way to make changes to the current look of their house. Living in the same house for years and having to look at the same house design each day may be boring. To liven up the interior, some people decide it is time for restructuring the whole house interior and in the process figure out that addition of an extra room would be ideal for a studio, guest room or even an office. Thus, before moving to a new house in search of a new design or an extra space, it is advisable to think of adding an extension as an ideal and easier alternative. 

Saves Money

The house extension cost can be much cheaper than moving into a new house  with the price tag of a bigger home often being higher. Also, there are other costs involved including hiring movers to transport your furniture and other house belongings. Home extensions are an economical way to create more space as opposed to moving. So, why save money to move to your dream spacious home whereas you can simply create one in your house? Plus adding to your home could be a great investment to your home value down the line.

Live in the Same Neighborhood

The chances of getting a bigger house near your neighborhood can be very low. Furthermore, moving means changing your neighborhood and having to deal with an entirely new environment, and people. Your children will have to change schools and make new friends. But, why subject them to such inconveniences that you could have avoided?

No Need for Permits 

 If you aren’t aware, extensions are generally permitted developments and thus you don’t need planning permission to start designing one. Most people who don’t know about this information, fear the prospect of securing planning permission for an extension. However, it is important to pay a visit to the nearest local council and check out the rules and regulations on such ventures in your area. 

So, whether you want to extend your house to create extra space for a growing family or convert it to accommodate some of your personal belongings, an extension is the most ideal and cost-effective way to add that space.


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