Retirement Real Estate

Retirement societies are in a continual state of change all over the world. Whether helping people who live alone, in need of assisted living or memory care, or advancing to competent care, there is regular turnover regardless of the clients they represent.

Many buyers are likely to sell their house before making the move, while helping seniors plan a move from their long-time home to a senior neighborhood. Therein lays one of the greatest challenges to be tackled by any senior group sales agent.

Being a realtor is a respected career, especially if you are able to have an appreciation for the needs of older clientele. Since many seniors have not sold a house in years, even decades, the real estate agent needs the skills to direct them through the process of home purchases, but also the ability to explain what to expect and how to overcome challenges along the way.

In comparison, if your agent already has a team of service providers who can provide their customers solutions, their relevance to the senior practitioners in the industry improves even further. One stop shop… that’s what a lot of good realtors have.

The responsibilities of a realtor include more than just listing your house. Sometimes the senior client is downsizing a lifetime of treasures, they could have high-value antiques that would need to be reviewed. They also could need assistance in packaging and arranging, but hiring a competent planner will ease up this whole process for both the senior customer and the senior sales professional. Finding the go-to basement specialist, a roofer, contractor and more would not only make the process more feasible if there are renovations needed before sale, but it will also speed up the transition from the long-time home of the senior to a senior group home or senior community.

There is a noticeable focus on filling vacant apartments with continuous turnover in senior neighborhoods. A vast number of needs-driven movements are now taking shape… elderly who face a health setback and are no longer able to survive in their homes. Twelve months a year and with no warning, these movements happen. This suggests that the senior, their families and the senior group are all searching for support providers to assist them every step of the way. Since their house is always their main asset, and they seek to liquidate the asset to help pay for their treatment, in this process, the realtor becomes the most critical contact.

How many times in life do we have the luxury of delivering a service, touching lives in a positive way, and being paid to do so, enjoying a perfect work/life balance? That is what it will do for you to build your senior oriented niche real estate practice To learn more, check out When doing something worthwhile and leading a quality life, we would love to help you expand your real estate practice.

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