16 Things a real estate agent can do for you

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Curious about what real estate agents actually do and how they can help you buy or sell a home? Here’s a brief look at how they can help you through a real estate transaction:

  1. Provide advice, expertise and industry knowledge in order to better help you reach a decision.

For buyers:

  1. Help you understand the different housing options available and provide you with available listings that meet your requirements within your desired areas.
  2. Help you analyze market data as you comb through your options, also recommending inspections and requests for additional information as needed.
  3. Help you understand the different types of loans and buyer assistance programs available through the city, county, state, government or via private companies. And connect you to the right lender based on your needs.
  4. Guide you through the offer process to ensure that you are protected and your consumer rights upheld.
  5. Help coordinate communications between all parties, including sellers and seller’s agent, lender and any other professionals enlisted during transaction.

For sellers:

  1. Help you get your home ready for sale, enlisting the services of a home stager if necessary. And arranging for professional photographs of your home for the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database and all marketing materials.
  2. List your home and ensure that all pieces of information are correctly entered into the MLS database and other real estate platforms.
  3. Market your home both online and offline, handling requests for information as they come in.
  4. Arranging and hosting open houses for prospective buyers.
  5. Collecting offers and walking you through the fine print, pointing out any potential issues and answering any questions that may come up.

For both buyers and sellers

  1. Be your advocate and present your special interests during closing and at the negotiation table.
  2. Tap into their professional network to connect you to home maintenance and improvement service providers who best meet your needs.
  3. Provide you with information on your local neighborhood association or HOA.
  4. Provide you with area information and local secrets, such as where to get the best pizza in the neighborhood.
  5. Continue to offer advice once the transaction is complete, referring you to other housing or real estate professionals should the need arise.

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