Five Tips to Sell Your Home Faster in 2024, According to Home Stagers

A living room that has been staged, one tip to sell your home faster.

The housing market is competitive, and nobody wants their home sitting on the market for months on end. Constantly having your home in tip-top shape is a tricky task, especially with kids and pets running around. And endless disruptive showings to prospective buyers are not ideal. So, the sooner your house sells, the better. Luckily, there are some things you can do to receive an offer on your home in record time. While not a guarantee, the following five tips from home stagers can go a long way to ensuring a faster sale in 2024.

1.   Paint the interior with warm neutrals

Preparing your home so it looks inviting and cozy while at the same time leaving it as a blank canvas for buyers to imagine themselves in is not easy. This is why in a recent report 81% of experts recommend painting the interiors with warm neutral colors. These shades include tones such as beige, tan, and cream. They are a soothing color palette that creates a sense of calm, as opposed to the cold atmosphere a crisp white can cause. It is also worth noting that potential homebuyers can be put off by strong colors that might not be to their taste. 59% of professionals say red is the most off-putting.

2.   Get a professional decluttering and cleaning

It is a difficult task to be ruthless with clutter and decide what stays and what goes into storage or gets thrown out. While your prized possessions may bring you joy, it is also taking up the extra space that is important to buyers. That is why hiring a professional to declutter is usually the best option.

There are many benefits of decluttering. Along with giving the sense of more space, it makes it easier to move around, allows buyers to imagine themselves living there, and could even potentially increase home value. You should also consider having a professional cleaning of your home. This will give a feeling of freshness, making a better first impression.

3.   Stage your home

If you want to go even further in making your home look its best, it is worth considering staging your home. Whether DIY or hiring a pro, staging can modernize your home, maximize space, and add functionality and comfort. According to research, home staging can directly result in your home being sold faster. The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) found that pre-listed, staged homes sold in an average of 23 days.

4.   Fix broken or missing shingles

Curb appeal plays a huge part when trying to sell your home faster. And if roof issues are something a potential buyer sees, they may be put off before even stepping inside. Roof replacements are a massive expense, so having your roof look its best is essential. If you have missing or broken shingles, be sure to hire a roofer to get the job done before people come to view your home. The last thing a buyer wants is to be worried about the state of the roof. Broken shingles can also make the overall appearance of the home look old and tattered.

5.   Paint the exterior white

Depending on the state of your home’s siding, it is worth considering giving it a fresh coat of paint. Siding is another major aspect of curb appeal. Faded and cracked paint can make a home look older than it is. 49% of home staging experts recommend white siding when selling. White gives a fresh, new feel to a home and is a color that can cater to all tastes. It works well with any home style and matches all trim, window, and door colors. White works cohesively with any interior style too, and this adds to a more pleasant viewing experience for the buyer as they transition from the outside to the inside.

Follow Expert Advice and Sell Your Home Quicker

Every home is different, and you may not need to follow all the tips to sell your home faster. However, taking into consideration what home stagers and design experts recommend can be useful for you when looking to get your home sale completed speedier than expected.

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