Five Summer Home Improvement Projects

The summer months are the time to relax and take in the sunshine! But it can also be a great time to get some much needed home improvement projects done around the house that aren’t possible to do in bad weather. Check out these five tasks that will make your home the hit of the summer and don’t cost you a large chunk of cash.

Power Wash

We always think about washing the inside of our home but what about the outside? The summer is a great time to either buy or rent a power washing machine to get your exterior cleaned and looking brand new. You can power wash the siding of the home to remove dirt and grime collected from outdoor elements over the seasons or you can wash the walkways including sidewalks and driveways.

Build Outdoor Features

If you have some downtime and it’s a beautiful day outside, it’s a great opportunity to build an outdoor feature! This could include an outdoor kitchen to entertain guests throughout the summer, a fire pit to roast marshmallows with the kids or maybe a garden to grow your own veggies. Each project ranges from difficulty and cost so make sure to determine timeline and budget before starting the project. Once you decide on those, have some fun designing what fits your style best!

Re-stain Wood

Your porch, deck and fence can fade quickly from the sun and harsh outdoor elements. The summer may be a good time to re-stain the wood of your outdoor spaces and outdoor furniture if applicable. This ensures your home looks flawless when you have guests over for an outdoor get together. If you live in a place with sunshine most of the year, the colors can fade quickly and may require more than one re-staining.

Window Cleanings

During a nice day, it’s always great to open the blinds and fill your home with natural light. Of course, if your windows are full of spots from the harsh Winter or rainy Spring, the view isn’t quite so great! Giving your windows a quick and easy wash at the beginning of summer is a great way to ensure your windows look brand new. Plus this project can be fun for the whole family to get the kids involved, as long as the windows aren’t too high. If your windows are at a higher and more dangerous height, there are plenty of companies to hire that will do this for you at a reasonable price.

Drain Water Heater

Although this task may not seem very fun, draining your water heater can help improve the efficiency and make it last longer, saving you money later on. Over time, sediment build-up can settle on the bottom of the heater, reducing capacity and possibly interfering with ongoing maintenance. By draining the water and removing the sediment, your heater will work faster and last longer. Depending on the size of your heater, this project can take up to 30 minutes, but only has to be done once or twice a year.

The summer months are a great time to improve your home on the inside, but especially the outdoors as you enjoy the fresh air and nice weather. Of course, there are several other DIY options you could get started so make sure just to look at the time you have and the money you want to spend to find the right project for you.

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