Top Five Binge-Worthy Real Estate Shows

Are you a reality TV junkie with a love for real estate? There are so many shows, whether through streaming giants or cable networks, that give you a behind the scene look into the world of real estate, home design and cut-throat business.Check out our list of the top five most binge-worthy real estate shows! 

Selling Sunset

If you follow pop culture at all, you’ve probably heard of Selling Sunset. This Netflix original has become a phenomenon after only three seasons of airing and a fourth on the way. This show follows the fashionable and successful real estate agents and brokers of the Oppenheim Group, an LA-based brokerage, catering to exclusive and luxury clientele. The show not only gives you a glimpse into the world of high-end California real estate, but also provides plenty of drama between fellow agents in and out of the office. Nominated for Critics Choice award and mentioned by several media outlets, this show is a must-watch.

Fixer Upper

All real estate junkies know HGTV is home to some of the most binge-worthy home design, home buying and home flipping shows on television. Ending its five season run in 2017, this show still has viewers falling in love with home restoration and design. It follows the owners of Magnolia Homes, a design and remodeling company in Texas, as they work with couples to turn “not so great” into beautiful homes and showplaces. Great choice for those wanting to get into the flipping business or are interested in exterior and interior design.

Interior Design Master

This Netflix feature is for fans of competition reality. The gist of the British flick includes several talented and experienced designers competing in a series of challenges week after week to ultimately be the last one standing. With its mix of charming contestants, nerve-wracking competition and incredibly cool and modern design, this show is for anyone looking to combine home design with the Great British Baking Show.

Million Dollar Listing New York

Another favorite and well-known production, Million Dollar Listing New York, follows the business and personal lives of some of New York City’s top real estate agents and brokers. This season may be even more interesting than year’s prior, as the NY market continues to struggle in the times of COVID-19. This Bravo Network show has been a hit since the beginning, with returning cast members always giving their all and new additions trying to make it in the harsh world of high-end real estate. If you love a little bit of drama with your real estate, here’s your best pick.

Grant Cardone’s YouTube Channel

So this suggestion isn’t exactly a show but it is worthwhile for those looking to get into real estate investing or entrepreneurship. Grant Cardone is a business mogul and motivational speaker who built his fortune with his real estate investment firm, Cardone Capital. A firm that has $1 billion in assets under its management! His YouTube channel includes videos from becoming a millionaire to being better at sales. If you are looking to take the leap into real estate, this is the channel to watch.

These and plenty of other shows capture what the real estate world is like in all aspects of the home journey. What’s your favorite show?

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