Matt Winzenried: “The heart of my business is referrals”

Matt WinzenriedRealty Executives Cooper Spransy was recently voted one of the Best Places to Work in Madison, Wisconsin.

“The culture that we have is the best around,” says Broker Associate Matt Winzenried. “Our agents are always open to helping each other, and even the style of our office makes you want to come in and just hang out.”

Winzenried is celebrating 10 years in real estate this year, the last five of which have been with Realty Executives.

“I was drawn to Realty Executives through the regional leadership. Seeing how much the leadership cared for their individual agents and wanted the best for them was encouraging. I also liked how Realty Executives wasn’t complacent and was always looking for ways to improve.”

Winzenried has excelled at Realty Executives and his team, Matt Winzenried Real Estate Partners, won three awards at the 2015 awards ceremony, including a Double Diamond Award and placing in the Top 100 for Commission and Units. He also won a Chairman’s Award in the Top Executive category.

Read on to learn more about Winzenried:

What makes being a real estate agent the right career for you?

I’m using the skills and gifts that I’ve been blessed with to help people in a significant way. Helping make a potentially turbulent process comfortable for people that I care about is very rewarding.

What factors most attributed to your success over the last year?

An amazing team of people around me. We strive to provide a great experience and make the processes as smooth as possible. This has led to happy clients, who turn into raving fans that send us referrals and do repeat business with us.

What are your top three lead generation sources?

Past client referrals, business partners/networking, and online leads. The heart of my business is referrals, with the other sources as supplements.

What differentiates you from your competition?

One of the main things that differentiates me from the competition is my desire to take care of my clients and to provide them with an awesome experience in order to make sure they become raving fans. I have set up touch points during the processes and key times to share in their excitement. I also have quarterly events for my past clients to help stay top of mind.

How do you give back to the community and the real estate industry?  

I am on the board of a housing foundation that helps low income buyers with down payment assistance. My wife and I are also involved with our church and join them in giving back throughout the year.

How would you describe current market conditions in your area?

We’re experiencing a lack of inventory, like many markets across the country. While sellers may be enjoying this, I would say we’ve lost about 10% of additional business this year due to buyers getting frustrated and opting not to buy. Two big trends entering our market are escalation clauses and buyers committing to help cover low appraisals upfront, which have helped our buyers win a few properties for our clients. We are lucky to have the University of Wisconsin, a couple of great hospitals, and large companies like American Family Insurance and Epic Medical Software, as great employers bringing people to the area. Madison is also home to beautiful lakes, parks, and the Capitol.

For more information, visit, or call or email Matt at 608-310-7346 and respectively.

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