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Tips For Moving Stress Free

(Published on - 10/1/2019 4:24:48 PM)

Moving is always a source of stress, but there are several ways you can get through the process and work through those boxes as efficiently and quickly as possible. Check out these tips to moving without the stress and hassle.

1. Adopt a solution-focused attitude

You can’t control everything, but you can choose how you react. If you see moving as a challenge, you’re more likely to see options and solutions to difficult situations. Staying optimistic and positive will help you keep calm and open to new possibilities. In contrast, if you see moving as mostly a negative experience on par with getting a tooth pulled, your natural response could be to shut down, avoid, and procrastinate — which will only lead to more stress. While there’s no doubt that moving involves stress and work, you can make things easier on yourself by deciding to move forward one small step at a time. 

2. Make time your ally

Much of the stress from moving stems from time constraints and scheduling snafus. But there are ways to relieve some of the pressure. Start packing early. Do your best to avoid getting forced into a difficult moving schedule. If the timing is too tight, ask for what you need. For example, if you’re moving for a job, negotiate for a start date that will allow more breathing room. The same goes for closing dates. Moving on closing day is a sure way to put stress on steroids. Avoid booking your move date until you’ve scheduled your closing and then give yourself some leeway. It may be well worth paying for some overlap time between homes or negotiating a day or two of extra time to move out or move in. Other options include temporary housing and storage. You can even choose a moving service that’s designed to allow plenty of time for loading and unloading, such as portable storage and moving containers. 

3. Eat healthy meals and snacks

Your mind and body need healthy fuel to keep going during the moving process, but that can be hard when you’re short on time and the cooking supplies are packed away. Missed meals and unhealthy food choices can lead to low blood sugar, which can zap energy, fog thinking, and ignite tempers. Yes, getting “hangry” is a real thing. It’s easy to get so busy that you not only forget about eating, you don’t even notice you’re hungry until it’s too late. Resorting to fast food, while a quick fix, can be a poor choice for your body, as high carbs lead to blood sugar spikes and crashes – the opposite of what you need to manage stress. 

Keep your mind and body fueled up and on an even keel by planning ahead with quick and healthy meals and snacks. This doesn’t mean cooking, either, as there are plenty of pre-packaged choices at your local grocery store. Avoid getting dehydrated, too, by keeping a supply of cold bottled water at the ready. 

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