Four Strategies to Create and Engage a Motivated Real Estate Team

(Published on - 1/17/2019 5:41:02 PM)


For new and experienced agents alike, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the housing market, whether that’s by achieving your monthly goals or perhaps even falling short. If it’s the latter, it’s especially important to foster a positive, uplifting and inspiring company culture for your fellow agents.

Establishing an entrepreneurial environment driven by collaboration and innovation is just one of the many steps required for success and high performance in the real estate industry. Incorporating these four skills and motivational techniques into your daily routine and monthly/annual goals can help shape a team player into a real estate superstar.

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Dennis Alsteen Of Realty Executives Integrity

(Published on - 1/15/2019 5:02:22 PM)


For Executive Dennis Alsteen, one of the most beneficial aspects of working for #RealtyExecutivesIntegrity is the freedom to pursue his own brand. This liberty lead Dennis to give in to his inner (and outer) Santa Claus. From his personal branding to his work to end recidivism, "Santa Sold Your Home" became what Dennis Alsteen was born to do. #WeMoveWI #JointheMovement #BuildYourOwn Business 

Top 5 Real Estate Myths Debunked

(Published on - 1/10/2019 6:35:49 PM)


The real estate world is full of myths. Myths that prevent people from making smart decisions when buying and selling and keep people from maximizing their real estate returns.

Let’s count down the top five biggest real estate myths. And debunk each one! 

Myth #5. You shouldn’t buy right now because interest rates are rising.

Rising interest rates are a great reason to buy right now!

Historically speaking, interest rates are still exceptionally low. Throughout the 70s, interest rates ranged between seven and 12 percent. The 80s saw double-digits, reaching over 18 percent at one point. The 90s were more in the seven to nine percent range.

Today, you can still get a mortgage loan under five percent with good credit. If you plan to buy, do it now before rates rise!

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Home Design Trends for 2019

(Published on - 1/8/2019 7:14:07 PM)

 New year, new look for your home! We’re looking at the most innovative home design trends for 2019 in order to show how simple it can be to incorporate them into your own space. Here are some of our favorite interior design trends and how you can breathe new life into your current spaces.

Bold and patterned back-splashes

While 2018 was a minimalist year for interior design, 2019 will signify a move toward more vibrant kitchen looks. Bold and patterned back-splashes can add some life back into your kitchen with bright colors and graphic tiles. Try using a cool blue, gray or even geometric-patterned tile in your kitchen.


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What Buyers Need to Know About the Closing Process

(Published on - 1/3/2019 5:26:15 PM)


 So you’ve made an offer on your dream home, and the seller has accepted…what are the next steps? 

Several things still need to happen before the deal can close, and the house can officially become your home. 

The closing process (also called the escrow process) generally takes 30-60 days to complete. Much of the work is done behind the scenes by the team of real estate professionals handling your transaction. But you’ll also be involved in several of the upcoming steps. 

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