Keep Winter Outdoors: Winterizing Your Home

(Published on - 11/6/2017 11:48:51 PM)

Winter will soon be upon us, and it is time to start thinking about how to winterize your home. But where should you start? Here are six easy tips that will keep your home warm, secure, and efficient during the cold winter months.

1. Avoid Drafts

Cold drafts can make their way under doors and through windows, which will force you to turn up the heat and thus increase your heating bill. The U.S Department of Energy has stated that reducing drafts in your home can save 30% of your annual energy usage.

You can install draft guards to block the draft and keep the heat inside your house. You can purchase draft guards for as little as 10 dollars, or make a DIY draft guard with a rolled up towel or blanket.

2. Install Storm Windows and Doors

Installing storm windows and doors will block drafts and provide more warmth without having to bump up the thermostat.

Storm windows and doors will increase the amount of light that is able to enter your home, and they will help minimize the amount of airflow from outside. This will be a great help when the temperature starts to drop and the cold winds begin.

3. Seal Leaks and Cracks

If you’re going to seal a drafty door or window, it makes sense to also seal any other cracks or leaks in your house. Whether it’s a leak in a window frame, cracks in the wall, cracks in brick, cracks near your chimney, or even the small holes where wires or pipes are installed, these openings can allow cold air into your home.

You can either hire a professional to seal these leaks, or you can easily do it yourself with caulking or weatherstripping. This type of winter home maintenance is crucial for staying warm and keeping your home energy efficient.

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The Dazzling Dozen: America's Best Real Estate Agents

(Published on - 8/1/2017 3:54:59 AM)

Realty Executives Integrity Agents recognized as America’s Best Real Estate Agents: The Dazzling Dozen

Realty Executives Integrity is proud to announce that 12 teams and individual agents have been featured in REAL Trends annual report, America’s Best Real Estate Agents. These agents represent the Real Executives brand well by maintaining exemplary character while executing diligent client care.

America’s Best Real Estate Agents

America’s Best Real Estate Agents ranks almost 12,600 residential real estate professionals based on their real estate sales during 2016. In order to be included in the report, individual agents had to have closed a minimum of 50 transactions or $20 million in closed sales volume, and teams had to have closed 75 transaction sides or $30 million in closed sales volume.

“Our Realtors® recognized in the report are an impressive list of professionals who are achieving incredible results. Every single agent on this list implements creative business techniques, focuses on client care, and is consistently evaluating for areas of growth” Says Dana Keegan, Chief Operating Offer of Realty Executive Integrity.

These 12 Realty Executives Integrity agents and teams featured in the ranking closed over 875 transactions, selling more than $126 million in real estate. This REAL Trends report places Realty Executives Integrity agents in the top 1 percent of the more than 1.25 million Realtors® nationwide, and we will continue to provide the best possible service to our clients across Southeastern Wisconsin.

The following Executives are featured among America’s best real estate agents:

Realty Executives agents ranked in the “Individuals by Side” category:

  • Brian Roslawski, North Shore Office
  • Jodi Olson, Lake Country Office
  • Julie Clarke, North Shore Office
  • Gina Dingman, East Troy Office
  • Lothair Lambrecht, Brookfield Office

Realty Executives agents ranked in the “Individuals by Volume” category:

  • Jodi Olson, Lake Country Office


Realty Executives agents featured in the “Teams by Side” category:

  • The Jim Geracie Team, Brookfield Office
  • The BAIR Group, North Shore Office
  • House To Home Team, Cedarburg Office
  • Elite Sales Team, North Shore Office
  • The Bruce Nemovitz Team, Cedarburg Office
  • W&B Team, Brookfield Office
    • Jim & Jill Geracie, Kristin Gustafson, Gareth Bloomfield
    • Bob Arnold, Erna Russert, Jenny Jansen, Brittany Siller, Maggie Willms
    • Judy & Paress Huebner
    • Angela Walters, Dionne Barnes
    • Bruce & Jeanne Nemovitz, Austin Cole
    • Chris Kramer-Nesbitt, CoCo Boden, Adam McCarthy

Realty Executives agents featured in the “Teams by Volume” category:

  • The Jim Geracie Team, Brookfield Office
  • The BAIR Group, North Shore Office
  • The Liebert Team, Lake Country Office
    • Jim & Jill Geracie, Kristin Gustafson, Gareth Bloomfield
    • Bob Arnold, Erna Russert, Jenny Jansen, Brittany Siller, Maggie Willms
    • Cathy & KC Liebert


We are honored to congratulate the agents featured in these reports, celebrating their hard work as they’ve built their businesses, created superior client experiences, and helped buyers and sellers achieve their dreams. Congratulations!  |  262-364-0572

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Executive Feature | Gina Dingman

(Published on - 7/26/2017 8:07:59 PM)

Gina Dingman is a name that people in her community know well and Realty Executives Integrity is honored to be associated with such a strong woman. Gina has spent the last 16 years actively involved in real estate in East Troy and has served her community with excellence. She found her start in real estate when her path crossed with the developer of a subdivision that her engineering firm was working on. This developer noticed her gift and suggested that she get her license in order to sell the homes in a new subdivision he was opening. With this nudge and the support of her family, she jumped in to a career in real estate and it has been a great fit ever since.

She loves living in East Troy and “wanted to stay local to sell homes”. When the new construction market slowed down Gina was looking to grow in her career; Realty Executives Integrity allowed her to do just that with our office located on the Square in the center of East Troy.  Living and working in a community that allows her to see those she works with brings her great joy. “I love to be at the grocery store or gas station and see my past customers”, she says.

Two of Gina's Happy Clients, Mike & Jennifer

Gina loves the flexibility that working in real estate has provided for her and her family. It has enabled her the time to give back to local organizations. She is passionate about supporting the United Way of Walworth County and serves as a Board Member for this organization. She says, “I love giving to agencies that help people in my own backyard”.

When asked what her favorite part of real estate is, Gina joyfully replied “My relationships! All of them. Buyers, seller, some of the amazing co-broke agents that I have met and my office team.” At any given time during the day, you are sure to find Gina in the office getting things accomplished for her customers and sharing her knowledge with others in the office. Her dedication to service and willingness to exhaust all measures to help her buyers and sellers get to the closing table is simply amazing. “I love to be the person that can get the job done” Gina says.

Gina volunteering with her fellow Sales Executives, Pam Burki & Sarah Alexander

Gina’s background in marketing as well as her keen eye for staging and decorating set her apart. Because of these skills, she is able to market homes in unique ways and visualize a space how a potential buyer would, choosing pictures and design elements that will make the property stand out above the rest. Gina is a natural in communication and making connections with others in the business. This is an amazing asset to those that work with her. With her many years of experience, she has built up a vast network of contractors and lenders that she offers to her customers when they are seeking affordable options for repairs needed or financing for purchasing their dream home.

Working hard and adjusting to the fast pace in our market just scratch the surface for Gina’s success. She puts others first and works diligently to get the job done, no matter what. “Taking care of my customers who are sending me lots of referrals” is a regular occurrence for Gina. “I survive on referrals, whether they are from lenders I work with, past clients or even from other agents”, she says. Finding great success with repeat clients speaks to her ability to build relationships of trust with those around her.

Outside of real estate and volunteering in her local community, Gina loves doing anything with her friends and family. “I just love being together, having fun and laughing”, she says. In the winter months, you are sure to find Gina on a snowmobile with her family and friends enjoying the surrounding beauty. This love of people holds true in all aspects of her life and is the foundation for all she puts her hands to

Visit Gina's Website HERE and her Facebook Page HERE  |  262-364-0572

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Executive Feature | Neil Miyashita

(Published on - 7/12/2017 2:47:52 PM)

Meet Neil Miyashita, one of our extraordinary Sales Executives since 2014. Neil is sure to greet those around him with the sincerest of smiles and a heartwarming “Hello” any time he walks in to a room. This genuine kindness and care can be felt by all who have the pleasure to get to know him. Neil was born and raised in Montreal, Canada where his family built a successful company. “Prior to being involved in real estate, I operated my family’s business. My father was a chemical engineer and started his own company in 1960 and I was named president in 1997 when he retired.” Neil was drawn to Wisconsin because it is home to his lovely wife Lisa, he began visiting Milwaukee in 2008 and soon relocated to this great area. During this process, Neil was not only looking for a home to purchase but also a new path to pursue for a career. He won the lottery in both areas as they began to search for a place to call home. Working with a Realtor from one of the Lake Country’s most successful real estate teams, Dale’s Home Selling Team, proved to be an unexpected opportunity.  Nicole Brown, introduced me to the team of professionals and my career path.” With the team environment a good fit for his goals and becoming a valuable member, he proclaims “This real estate thing is a good fit for me. It gives me the freedom to work and play as much as I want, when I want.”

Neil and his wife, Lisa

Neil is truly an individual who wants to see his clients served with excellence and when asked what his favorite part about real estate is, he responded simply “the ability to help my clients navigate the process of buyer and selling their properties.” The buying and selling of real estate can be arduous, emotional and an intimidating process for some. To be able to help my clients more forward to the next chapter of their lives is very rewarding.” Real estate is a passion for Neil, who went on to say “I do this line of work because I want to, not because I have to. Therefore, I devote all my care and attention to my client’s need, regardless of the value of the property. Respect, honor and integrity are cornerstones of my business mind set.” These three virtues are at the core of all that Neil puts his touch on.

Neil with his family

When asked what Neil believes helps drive his success, he is quick to give credit to his team. Neil knows it’s because of their support and encouragement, that he is a successful Sales Executive. “Dale’s Home Selling Team rocks! If it wasn’t for the support of Dale, Vicky, Becky, Nicole, Sarah and the rest of the team, I would not have been able to do any of this.” Neil also recognizes our front desk administrative team, saying “The office support is fantastic with fielding the calls and ensuring appointments are set up.” Real estate is truly a team venture to Neil!

Outside of being a Realtor, Neil enjoys running, biking, swimming, tennis, golf and shooting. “These physical activities help me stay in shape and keep things in perspective” he says. Neil uses his love of running to give back to his community, which he believes is very important. “As an avid runner, I like to sign up for charity runs that benefit local foundations. That way I can follow my passion for running, while helping others at the same time.”

Whether it be work or his personal life, Neil beautifully blends his passions with helping others. Regardless if the goal is crossing a finish line for a good cause or helping his clients find their place to call home, he devotes his attention to training, preparation and care for each.

Visit Neil's Website HERE  |  262-364-0572

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5 Things Every Buyer Should Know in the Southeastern Wisconsin Market

(Published on - 6/29/2017 10:27:27 PM)

The real estate market always seems to have a little bit of spring madness here in Wisconsin. With summer temperatures finally on the rise, there doesn’t appear to be an end to the madness in sight. Current market conditions can make the home buying process seem like quite a daunting task. However, with advice from a few of our Sales Executives you will be well equipped for today’s fast paced market.

  • A Good Realtor® is Key to Your Success. Scheduling an appointment with a Realtor® prior to checking out homes can be critical to your home buying success. “Meet with a Realtor® you trust to talk about dreams and goals,” say Mindy Wittig, of our Franklin Office. “A professional will be able to educate you on the steps involved during the home buying process, which is essential to setting yourself up for success in this competitive market.” Working with a Realtor® you trust will enable you to make timely decisions with confidence and will lead to less frustration.
  • Timing is CRITICAL. In a market where inventory is low and properties are moving quickly, timing can be critical when it comes to purchasing the home of your dreams. Tim Vandeville Jr., from our East Troy office, advises having a Realtor® who is on top of the current inventory. “Buyers need a Realtor® who understands the demands of the market and has the ability on a moment’s notice to show their clients a new listing. Being proactive is the key to success in this market.” Often, Realtors® will know about upcoming properties before they are marketed to the public; which can help you in edging out other potential buyers.”
  • Know Your Needs vs. Your Wants. It can be difficult to distinguish the differences, but keep in mind certain features of a home can be changed while others can’t. Painting a room, removing carpet, or fencing in a backyard may all be necessary to give a property the look and feel of home. Location, property taxes, and number of bedrooms & bathrooms are things you can’t change about a home and should considered first in your home buying journey. Creating a list that details your needs versus wants PRIOR to beginning your home search will be invaluable, allowing you to focus on the properties with the greatest potential for you.
  • Financing is Important. Nothing can throw a curve ball at a transaction quite like financing issues. Consulting a lender before you begin your home search is super important. A trusted advisor will be able to get the pre-approval process started, which is a key first step before looking at homes. “Yes, you must have your financing with a local and recognized lender in line and ready to go. You will most likely be competing with other buyers and this important first step can put you at the front of the pack,” advises Pat Wunderlichof our Brookfield Office. Offers with good financing are considered much stronger and sellers tend to place an importance on this when deliberating on multiple offers.
  • Be Prepared with Your Best Offer. In markets of the past, buyers used to have much more room to negotiate the price of a home. Currently, more properties are seeing multiple offers with a shorter number of days on market. According to the Metro MLS, the average days on market for May 2017 for all homes is down 16.2% from May 2016 with the median sales price of previously owned homes up by 4.1%. To come prepared with your best offer right away, will help you to show the sellers you are serious. Your Realtor® can also advise you on other ways to differentiate your offer to make your next transaction a successful one.

For over 25 years, our Sales Executives have served Southeastern Wisconsin with expertise. We realize there are many decisions to make during the home buying process. Closing on average 47% more transaction sides than the industry standard, our Sales Executives have a unique set of skills to ensure a successful transaction. At Realty Executives Integrity, our goal is to provide you with the knowledge to make those decisions easier and allow you to focus on making your dreams a reality. As trusted advocates with a global network behind you, we are committed to making your real estate experience second to none.

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