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Get to Know Cierra Davids

(Published on - 10/23/2023 3:37:48 PM)

Cierra Davids came to Realty Executives Integrity in the same manner most of our Sales Executives join us, at the invitation of one of our Top Producers: Rose Paul. Cierra had admired Rose and the way her business had taken-off to new heights since leaving her previous Brokerage to join Realty Executives Integrity, and Rose went out of her way to support Cierra in making the same move to enhance her business. After three years at another Brokerage, Cierra decided it was time to take her business to the Executive Level, and her sales have been blasting off in the few months since making her move.

With a passion for learning, Cierra is making the most of our exclusive Path to Success. She has already completed our Floyd Wickman Training Program and is currently taking our Buffini Training Class. While challenging, these training opportunities have allowed Cierra to grow in all areas of real estate sales, which includes securing her own listings, something her previous Broker discouraged. Cierra has taken her own private office space in our Brookfield location, and can be seen on a consistent basis actively working on her business. She’s already become a fan-favorite of our support team and her fellow Sales Executives, which is easy to understand when you observe her quick smile and joyful spirit which she takes with her everywhere.

On a personal level, Cierra was recently married to Josh Davids, the owner of “Josh Does It All”. Josh is someone to keep in mind for various handyman projects for yourself or for listings in need of some loving care. We are very grateful to Josh for his support of our Regional Conference this year, as an important sponsor of our event. When I first met Cierra, I asked about her life story. If you haven’t taken the time to do that, you really should! It’s a compelling story of love and reconciliation. And here’s a fun fact, Cierra is one of 19 children - that’s right, she has 18 siblings. Want to know how and why, just ask her. Thank YOU Cierra for your trust! We greatly admire you and are THRILLED you chose Realty Executives Integrity!

Get to Know Dale's Home Selling Team

(Published on - 9/19/2023 3:21:15 PM)

Connections over Transactions, Collaboration over Competition

In the ever-changing, fast-paced world of real estate, one Realty Executives Integrity Team has withstood the test of time. Meet Dale’s Home Selling Team – an example of dedication, expertise, and a commitment to not only their clients but also their individual team members. Dale’s Home Selling Team isn’t just a real estate team, they’re a family united by a shared passion for serving others. This starts with Dale and Vicky Schaechterle who have dedicated their lives to building up those around them. They live by an example of leading with a servant’s heart. Over their 30+ years of experience, they have built a top-producing team that is known for exceptional client service. Behind the scenes, they help their team members set and reach both their professional and personal goals.

With years of combined team experience, Haley, Mercedes, Claire, Adam, Sarah, Sydney, and Nadia, all navigate the process with ease along with the support of Tammy and Kalli. They treat every client like a friend because if they aren’t already when they begin, they will be by the time they get to the closing table! The team’s secret lies in their personalized team approach; they know that each client is unique and they take the time to dig deep and listen to their story. They make sure they understand the client’s needs and goals. This often means collaborating with each other and leveraging their different areas of expertise. They each go above and beyond to help each other because there’s no competition here. They know the power of the team makes them stronger.

It's not just about numbers for Dale’s Home Selling Team; it’s about building relationships that last a lifetime. This team works exclusively by referral. They pride themselves on taking the time to invest in their clients and build relationships of trust. From the initial consultation to the celebratory moment when the keys are handed over, this team is by their client’s side, ensuring their needs are met and they have a stress-free experience. However, the relationship doesn’t end at the closing table. The team stays in touch with all their clients through personal newsletters, cards, pop-ups, and events.

The sheer volume of glowing testimonials and word-of-mouth recommendations is a testament to the exceptional service they provide. In an industry that often emphasizes transactions over connections, Dale’s Home Selling Team shines bright as an example of what’s possible when heart and hard work come together. Their commitment to fostering trust, their genuine enthusiasm for guiding clients, and their unyielding pursuit of excellence make them a top-producing, Double Diamond award-winning real estate team that doesn’t just make houses feel like homes, but turns every step of the journey into an unforgettable experience.

Servant Heart Leaders | Jim & Jill Geracie

(Published on - 7/24/2023 8:05:29 PM)

It has been our pleasure to work closely with Jim & Jill Geracie for decades, and over those years they have stood firm as strong representatives of everything we hold dear.

In business, The Geracie Team has reached the Pinnacle Award, which is the ultimate recognition from Realty Executives International … year, after year, after year … until we’ve lost count. More importantly, Jim & Jill run their business with grace, dignity, and honor for their fellow Realtors® as well as the customers they serve so well. Their Servant Hearts led them to receive our highest honor at Realty Executives Integrity, our prestigious Legend Award. It’s common for both Jim & Jill to look for ways to pour into their fellow Sales Executives, and their training events are always well-attended and highly regarded.

 On a personal level, Jim & Jill work humbly and quietly behind the scenes to be there when and where needed. We’ve witnessed them give freely of their time, energy, and resources to support worthy causes and help those in need. Together, they mentored our son Aaron and his wife Lorin by providing pre-marriage counseling, and their lessons have been lasting as Aaron and Lorin celebrate 15 years of marriage this year. As parents, we thank you Jim & Jill - your example of a strong and healthy marriage is attractive and compelling.

 When we purchased the Waukesha and Brookfield Offices from Tom Verette, and then consolidated those two offices into our current corporate hub, Jim & Jill were there to set the tone for that transition by taking an office suite for their team and showing us their full support as the new Broker. When we’ve experienced times of personal difficulty, Jim & Jill have been there for us, with kind notes, thoughtful gifts, caring prayers, and friendship that goes deep.

 It’s our privilege to feature Jim & Jill and the Geracie Team this month as a small token of our deep appreciation for all they do to make Realty Executives Integrity the best place to grow your Real Estate Practice! 

With Gratitude, Dale & Vicky

Realty Executives Integrity: Home to America's Best

(Published on - 7/6/2023 2:05:43 PM)

Realty Executives Integrity: Home to America’s Best

Several of our Sales Executives were featured in the 2023 Top Real Estate Agents in the US list, written by Real Trends. 

There were 5 categories included on this list, individual agents, small teams, medium teams, large teams, and mega teams. We had agents in all the categories our offices currently host: individual, small, and middle-sized teams! These agents have been placed on this list because they are in the top 1% of realtors in America! Congratulations to the following agents!

The Individuals Included Were:

Elizabeth Klug and Brian Roslawski 

The Small Team Awards went to:

 The Jim Geracie Team 

Jim and Jill Geracie, Colin O’Neill, Clare Sande, Linda Lau, Carrie Bolfert, Katie Knitt, and Jen Vargas

The Welcome Home Team 

 Adam Poehlman, Kim Peterson, Joanette Sum, Marietta Ticali and Deana Schmidt, 

 Barnes Realty Group 

Dionne Barnes, Tameka Winters, Kesha Branch, Malcolm Nieves, LaQuita Brooks, Sabine Kemp, and Johnette Ward

Dingman Realty Group 

Gina Dingman, Martha Luna, Nicole Orzel, Mindy Shaffer, Amber Guthman, and Lexy Dingman-Johnson

TEAM Mary Edwards 

Mary Edwards, Brooke Combs, and Shirly Leatherwood-Garrett

Jodi Olson Real Estate Team 

Jodi Olsen, Heidi Howery, Maggie Ehlert, and Samantha Gillis

The Gundrum Group 

Bonnie Gundrum and Ryan Gundrum 

 Bruce’s Team 

 Bruce Nemovitz, Jeanne Nemovitz, Erica Petri, Christine Johnson, and Lauren Kegley

The Medium-Sized Team Awards went to:

JML Realty Group

Julie and Mike Lessila, Erin Bodi, Jen Rivera, Rachel Lessila, and Jamie Siehr.

Dale's Team

 Dale and Vicky Schaechterle, Sarah Smart, Nadia Koepke, Haley LeClaire, Mercedes Wilson, Claire and Adam Zastrow, Sydney Stevens, and Tammy Kopts. 

Congratulations to all of the agents and team members who secured spots on this prestigious list! It is an honor to work with you!


Pam Burki | June 2023 Cover Feature

(Published on - 6/8/2023 8:17:27 PM)

When we talk about Pam Burki, our lovely Realty Executives Integrity Office in East Troy comes to mind. When we opened that office in the early 2000’s we affectionately called it, “Pam’s Office” which it remains to this day. Without Pam, Realty Executives Integrity would not exist in East Troy. Interestingly, when we first opened, there were four Real Estate Brokerages located in East Troy, within a few short short years only one remained: “Pam’s Office”.

 Much has changed since those early years, we’ve added dynamic Sales Executives, moved from a humble office to our showcase location on the village square, and established ourselves as the #1 Home-Seller in the East Troy Marketplace, year after year after year.

 But one thing has remained steady, consistent, and reliable: Pam Burki. Pam has been the Designated Realtor in East Troy since we opened, and she continues to set the example for how we operate as Sales Executives: with kindness, dignity, and honor to her fellow Realtors®.

Pam, we are so grateful for you! It’s been a joy to watch you excel in business and in life. As fellow grandparents we admire how you honor relationships and your priorities as a wife, mother, and grandmother. WELL DONE PAM!!

We celebrate YOU this month, with grateful hearts for all you’ve done to strengthen the name of Realty Executives Integrity!



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