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Meet Dana Keegan

(Published on - 9/19/2022 7:41:07 PM)









It’s been over 15 years since Dana Keegan joined Realty Executives Integrity, after starting at Realty Executives Lakeshore 5 years earlier. We hardly remember the company without Dana now, but we are certain it’s much better with her and because of her influence. During some of our most important developmental years, as we established systems, policies, and best practices for our Brokerage, Dana led the way. 

Away from the office, Dana is family-minded, pouring out her support for her husband Dustin, who owns and operates his own masonry business, and daughter Bella who is pursuing a career in medicine. The Keegan Family is very community-minded, finding ways to support and encourage those who are less fortunate. It’s an attribute Dana brings to our Realty Executives’ Family, as she uses her platform to promote many non-profit causes. 

One thing we admire most about Dana is her love of life, and all of God’s Creation. From a stranded goose by the side of the road, a stranded Mom stuck in a snowbank, or a young raccoon stuck in our dumpster, Dana finds a way to make a difference by taking time to stop, help, and provide hope for what seems hopeless to those in need. 

And now, as she moves into her role as part owner and Managing Broker for Realty Executives Integrity, we are blessed to have Dana‘s continued care and support in our lives and the lives of our Staff and Sales Executives. Our Brokerage is strong, stable, and secure because of Dana’s continued dedication and sacrifice, and we are forever grateful!

With Love, Dale and Vicky 


Meet Your Peer Liz Klug

(Published on - 8/4/2022 6:44:44 PM)









When you meet Liz Klug you have instantly met a new friend. Liz is extremely people-oriented, and her vibrant business success has been built upon relationships of trust that she has worked hard to establish and keep. Her customers are treated like family, and Liz works relentlessly to assure they are well­served. Known for her creative approach to marketing, Liz has established a unique style of video presentations that have included riding a child's bike or lounging in her Seller's pool - with tremendous results! Liz is a Rising Star in every sense, and her future in Real Estate is secure. 


On a personal level, Liz and her Husband Dan are super active and focused on fitness. Some of their favorite activities are running, biking, cross country skiing, and even taking it to another level with CrossFit. To excel at CrossFit takes tremendous discipline and accountability, which is something that Liz has developed over many years. And of course, her local Crossfit community has become like a family to her, supporting her during some of the most difficult moments of her life.


In addition, Dan & Liz are dedicated parents, and have shown the most incredible love for all of their children, Ruby Anne and recent addition Koen Beau. And then, to use Ruby's words, I have two sisters, but they are in Heaven". Mirabel Rose and Lila Kai - who are no longer on this earth, but are forever in our hearts - will always remain a vital part of the Klug family. It's one of the many things we admire about Dan & Liz, for in the midst of tremendous heartache they have grown stronger in their marriage and more committed to their family.




This is also the motivation behind the volunteer service Liz generously gives, to Special Spaces Wisconsin and White Stone Warriors. Giving back to those in need by making a personal sacrifice of time and energy is what Liz is all about. Having the privilege of working together with Liz has been one of the highlights of our association with Realty Executives Integrity. We have learned so much from her: how to share real life with others, and maintain your joy in the journey; how to never give up on your dreams, and encourage others to pursue their own; how to get back up when you are knocked down, and find new ways to make this world a better place.


Enjoy Summer and Your Real Estate Career at Realty Executives

(Published on - 6/30/2022 1:52:22 PM)




Summer is all about making the most of your free time — especially when you live somewhere like Wisconsin where summer feels all too fleeting. Why spend a minute of this precious time trudging toward someone else’s sales goals?

There’s a better alternative out there. Just ask Realty Executives agent Stephanie Pero.

Stephanie started her career in real estate about five years ago. A hard worker, she built her network and saw some good successes. But it wasn’t until she switched to Realty Executives that she finally experienced the kind of freedom she knew this career could offer.


Work-Life Balance Without the Guilt Business

Stephanie and her husband knew they wanted to be parents. And Stephanie wanted to spend as much time with their little one as possible, while still running her real estate business.

“My main priority is family. Building my family and growing my family, alongside helping my clients,” she explains. “I didn’t see that as a real possibility at other firms, unfortunately.”

Although supportive on the surface, she says it always felt like there was some underlying judgment about her ability to hit certain goals or how she wanted to spend her time.

“Some agents want to get out there and hustle like crazy all the time, and that’s great if that’s what they want to do! That’s just not my dream for my business. At Realty Executives I feel like I’m supported in what I want to do for my family, and what’s great is the people who want to sell tons and tons of homes are supported here too. We’re seen for who we are, not treated like a number,” Stephanie says.


Freedom to Work Your Way

These days, Stephanie is almost always working with her baby daughter at her side, whether she’s working from home, meeting with clients, or headed into the Realty Executives office.

“Everyone has made working the way I want and need to so accessible,” she says. “There’s absolutely no issue bringing her along to meetings or holding her while on a client call. There’s a lot of respect for one another from agents and from clients here.”

That includes how she markets her business, too. Unlike firms where the company takes the lead, Realty Executives offers agents the freedom to bring their ideas and personalities to their work. “I want to be the face of my business, and I can be. That isn’t the case in other firms where the company name comes first and the agent is an afterthought,” she says.

The goals Stephanie has for her business aren’t the same as another agent’s, and at Realty Executives, that’s totally valid and supported. “Everyone I talk to here — even other agents — listens to what I want to accomplish and helps me figure out a plan that’s right for me. I feel good, because what I’m doing is successful and works for me.” It’s an approach to a real estate career she feels was only possible thanks to Realty Executives supporting her dreams.

And as for how she’s spending her summer?

“My daughter and I will be taking calls at our favorite coffee shops, or at the park this year and enjoying our time together.”


Interested in more info about joining Realty Executives? Request info & learn more. 

Melissa Walker named as NAR Code of Ethics Champion!

(Published on - 6/8/2022 5:54:18 PM)

Congratulations to our Executive, Melissa Walker on being selected as an NAR Code of Ethics Champion - this is so well deserved!

Dale Schaechterle, Regional Developer & Broker Owner had this to say about Melissa and her achievements, “When Melissa Walker stepped into real estate a few years ago, she envisioned making a change for the better. Melissa shared her dream of providing equal opportunity for all residents of her community to pursue Home Ownership and has taken action to make that possible. 

Joining a Top Producing Team helped launch her career, not only with an abundance of sales but with an example to follow on building relationships of trust, serving with excellence, and establishing a recognized brand name. 

Now, as the Leader of her own “Legacy Team” Melissa is seeing her vision become a reality. She is widely recognized as a difference maker, training & coaching neighbors from her marketplace on ways to make their dreams of home ownership come true. 

Becoming the NAR Code of Ethics Champion is another example of how Melissa is recognized by her peers as a leader in best practices Realtors, not just on a local level, but Nationally. We are proudly associated with Melissa at Realty Executives Integrity, and fully support and endorse her pursuit of equality and inclusivity in Home Ownership.”

We are so proud to have Melissa as part of our Realty Executives Family!


Tonya Thomsen Awarded to Board of Directors for RRC

(Published on - 5/20/2022 5:37:46 PM)

We are thrilled to announce that our very own Tonya Thomsen has been elected to the 2023-2024 Board of Directors for the Residential Real Estate Council. This is a prestigious position that Tonya was voted into, and we are proud to call her a part of the Realty Executives Integrity family. 


If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Tonya, you will certainly gain a sense of her drive and passion through the positions she has held and the awards she has received. 


Tonya is currently the Regional Vice President of the Residential Real Estate Council District 5 and has previously served as the Wisconsin Real Estate Council President. Tonya was named Wisconsin CRS of the Year in 2015 and received the RRC President’s Award in 2021. 


Tonya and her Real Estate Team have also received many prestigious awards within the Realty Executives company. Just this year, her team received the Pinnacle Award, for grossing over $1,000,000 in 2021. Tonya has previously received the Realty Executives Integrity Legend Award and the Realty Executives Integrity Good Neighbor Award. 


Thank you Tonya for all you do, and congratulations on this amazing achievement!




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