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Are You Still on Target to Meet Your Goal?

(Published on - 7/30/2019 3:30:11 PM)

Now that mid-year has arrived, it’s time to take a look at where you are and where you expected to be at this time of the year. How close—or far—are you from the intentions you set back in January?

Chances are, you might be feeling the “droops.” Market changes, consumer demands and relentless technology shifts all make suiting up every day a challenge, and they may be wearing you down—or worse—burning you out.

If you’re doing business the same as you have for months, or even years, you’re pretty much headed for the bench. Doing what we’ve always done won’t cut it anymore. The one thing we can count on in this industry is swift change, and if you aren’t poised, locked and loaded with new strategies, systems and processes, you may be down for the count by the time the holidays roll around. 

Don’t let these myths wear you down:

Work harder. Working hard is a first step, but working smarter is what you need to kick up your production to high gear. Get out your business plan and monitor where you are with various aspects of your business development. For example, do you have a system to measure how many leads are generated from your yard signs, postcard campaign, social media buys and lead-generating platforms? Don’t waste another nickel without figuring out how many of those leads you’re turning into closed deals. All too often we throw money at lead generation and turnkey marketing, but fail to measure the cost of converting those leads into sales. Delegate the administrative work and concentrate on lead generation and conversion for your best bottom line.

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