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How Suburbanization Impacts Rural Home Loans

(Published on - 7/23/2018 3:54:51 PM)

Did you know there are loans available that offer safe, affordable financing in areas that would otherwise not offer many other loan options--especially for those who can't meet the qualifications of a Conventional loan? If you have ever looked into buying in a rural area, you probably noticed that USDA, and other such loans became viable options! 
These loans are wonderful for those that need them, but with populations growing and areas becoming highly 'suburbanized', more and more rural areas are losing their categorization as such! 
According to some, this is unavoidable, and history shows that as the population grows and spills out from the cities, our rural lands are depleted.  While this may negatively impact some, others can benefit from more options in inventory and loan choices. 


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