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Five Tips On Social Media for Real Estate Agents

(Published on - 8/15/2019 1:58:10 PM)

The real estate industry is changing and evolving faster than ever due to technology and social media. So how do real estate brokers and agents adapt and create relationships with clients? Check out these five tips on how real estate professionals can use social media to up their visibility and profitability.

1. Establish goals

Whenever starting a new project you want to have a set goal in mind. The same goes for social media. Are you looking to gain followers? Are you wanting to engage and create relationships with future clients? Maybe you just want to use it to post listings and gain more exposure. Whatever the reason, set your sights on attainable and measurable goals for each platform you are planning to use. 

2. Narrow Your Focus

Don’t just start posting the same thing on six different social media networks. Figure out the demographics of your current or desired clients and match those to the demographics that are using various sites. For example, Facebook is going to target a different age group than Instagram or LinkedIn. The best way to get started and often the first step for real estate professionals, is to get a Facebook Business Page. This will establish yourself as a brand and allow you to target specific audiences in your market.

3. Create a Plan

Start a Pinterest board or a document that has ideas of what you would like to post! Having a content calendar you can study and remind yourself what days get which posts, will make it easy and stress-free while gaining more social media experience. Make sure to include visuals, captions and hashtags in the content calendar so you can see the post as a whole and decide which platform it would perform best on.

4. Schedule, Engage, Decide

After you create a content calendar, you may want to look into scheduling your posts ahead of time to make it easier on yourself. There are third party tools, such as Hootsuite, or some networks let you schedule on the app or website itself, such as Facebook. 

Engage with your followers! To build trust and relationships on social media, you need to interact with the people liking and commenting on your posts. For real estate, you want to show you are friendly and active on social media, that way they will expect you to be friendly and efficient when it comes to finding clients a home or selling their property.

Monitor and track which posts do well, which ones don’t and what times of day or certain days your account seems most active. After deciding which specific time slots work best for you, you can schedule future posts according to those.

5. Track and Measure Success

There’s no way to know if you’ve met your goal if you don’t measure! After you find some days or times that are working, keep to that schedule for a bit. If it is moving in the direction of your goal, keep at it. If your engagement seems to be slowing down, re-adjust. Try different visuals, add videos or post different days-mix it up.

Using these simple tips you can start to grow your brand and business with social media.

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