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(Published on - 10/14/2016 6:34:14 PM)

We’ve all heard that before, right? Most companies will make promises like this to their customers all the time. There’s nothing really unique about it. How often have we heard things like, “The customer is always right” or “customer service is our number one priority”? Yet, consider this: How many companies will promise this same message to their employees? Actually, scratch that. Because here at Realty Executives Integrity, you aren’t simply another agent who’s hired as an “employee.” You’re an independent contractor. You’re a business owner. You’re a respected and supported partner in real estate. And you’re empowered to build and run your own business of your own design. That means that YOU, the Executive, take center stage, not the company. 

As an executive in charge of your own business, the question begins to shift from, “How do we make this company successful?” to a more personalized “What does success look like for you, the Executive? What are your goals and ambitions? How can we, the company, best help you to reach your goals?” 

That, my friends, is a unique approach to business. 

Oftentimes, this particular way of doing business is met with skepticism (or even cynicism.) It’s understandable. Some people might interpret this approach to running a company as mere flattery or maybe even a bad sales pitch, especially if they’ve had less-than-ideal experiences working in other real estate companies where independence and support aren’t high priorities. 

But that’s how we are around here. We eat, sleep, and breathe entrepreneurial excellence. Our mission is to see our Executives thrive and prosper in their own businesses. We’re absolutely convinced that this approach will change lives and communities for the better. 

Our passion is to help you build a successful business in real estate that reflects your personality and goals! High-quality, customized systems and services are readily available to you along with an amazing support staff and a creative marketing team to help guide you as you build your brand and promote your business. This is all done in a culture of enthusiasm and excellence. 

That brings us to a few really important questions we encourage anyone to consider. What would your life look like if you could run your own business with more freedom? What would your life look like if your business had the support it needed to thrive? And how can we help you take the next step towards joining a company that truly makes its mission “all about you”? 

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