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Tips To Overcome The Emotion Of Selling Your Home

(Published on - 9/17/2019 4:46:25 PM)

Your home is full of lingering memories. You can literally feel the moments as you walk through the hallways, and they all speak to you. The cackling laughter of kids at your son’s first birthday bash, your daughter racing in to tell you she got accepted into college, your sister’s wedding preparations, your husband’s first job promotion celebration. This house has become more than a simple living space; it holds your precious memories. And this is why it feels so hard to let go.

This article takes you from the point where you are completely confused about how to emotionally detach from the house you’re putting up for sale to the point where you are simply ready to let go, and move to your new adventure.

Dealing with Intense Emotional Components of a House Sale

Here are a few tips to handle the emotional components of parting with your beloved house:

1. Get Started Early

So much adrenaline rushes through your body whenever you think of having to go through with a house sale. You may feel so scared so you keep putting it off till next week, and then the week after that. Ever heard of the saying: the only way to get over something, is to go through it? Can the process be stressful? Yes. But if you don’t start, you will never get to the other side where you are free of emotional attachment. Starting early gives you time to go through all the moments, enjoy every scent, reminisce and simply come out an emotionally richer person.  

2. Build an Emotional Connection with Your Next Home

Your next home will be the place to forge new memories. It would be nice if you started connecting it with super sweet, inspiring thoughts and memories, even before you move out of your old house. This way, you prepare your mind mentally to let go of the old and allow the new take firm hold on your mind.

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