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Executive Spotlight!

(Published on - 10/24/2016 1:59:41 AM)

Lindsay Willoughby joined Realty Executives Integrity in our Hartland location in May 2016. After being in Real Estate for over 3 years, Lindsay felt the need for more freedom in her business. With her move to Realty Executives Lindsay is experiencing new possibilities exist within her business sphere and her success is proof of that.


"I decided to make my move to Realty Executives Integrity because I wanted to be able to make business decisions based upon the needs of my clients as well as myself. Unlike what I expected, I've found that the tools and support that Realty Executives Integrity provides are as good, if not better, than where I previously worked. The main difference is ALL property inquires on my listings come directly to me, which allows for more involvement, and provides better service to my clients. I now work at a company that trains me to make my own business decisions, and allows me to negotiate my commissions, when I determine that’s necessary. This is extremely helpful in cases where the Seller would otherwise not be able to sell due to financial hardship. “I'm now making more money than I did at my previous company, even when I offer a reduction in commission, because Realty Executives Integrity provides a much more generous pay plan” says Willoughby. She continues, “At Realty Executives Integrity, I'm growing my business, and listing and selling way more homes. I'm also making WAY more money, on each sale." It's nice to keep the majority of the commission for yourself and not have to split that in half (or more) with the Broker. My profitability has greatly increased, and I'm learning to run my business in a more professional manner. It's nice knowing my expense to the company is now capped, so rather than paying more and more to the Broker at every closing (like my previous company), at Realty Executives Integrity, the more I make, the more I am able to keep.” That seems to be the reason Lindsay is smiling, and is very happy about making her move to the Executive Level! 


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