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5 Keys to Better Lead Nurture and Follow Up

(Published on - 9/12/2019 6:15:42 PM)

It’s becoming more and more difficult each day to grab the attention of buyers and sellers. They’re being pitched 24/7 and have their guard up for anyone trying to get a quick sale. This means flashy posts, generic email blasts, and clever gimmicks are spotted miles away. Your prospects and clients have heard and seen it all.

Because people naturally have their guard up, your job as an agent is to provide value and earn their trust. They want to know their best interests are top of mind for you. Are you reliable? Are you informed? Are you likeable? Are you someone they can envision working with? One of the best ways to do this is to nurture the relationship through emails over time.

Lead nurturing emails get 4-10 times the response rate compared to standalone email blasts. Just let that sink in for a moment. That’s a huge boost in conversion rate! The key word here is nurture, where you care for and encourage the growth and development of a relationship. Generic email blasts aren’t personal to the recipient, feel salesy, and definitely don’t give your audience the warm fuzzies.

Your goal should be to build authority, establish trust, and help your potential clients see you as the one they can’t possibly imagine NOT working with. So how do you nurture your email list?

1. Make it Personal

Avoid making emails feel like they were written to a crowd. When you create a new email, write as if you’re writing to one specific person. Not to five people. And definitely not to the whole world. Pretend like you’re writing an email to your best friend. That’s how personal you want your message to be (though keep it professional, of course). Emails are great for relationship building. They help your clients understand your brand and build an actual bond with you as an agent. So take advantage of that! Write every email as if it’s someone you know directly, like, and respect!

When you send an email, use the name of the person at the beginning. All email marketing providers allow you to use merge tags to personalize and place client names where it seems fitting. This way you can send out a mass email, but each recipient still receives an email that is addressed to them.

Lastly, studies show that overly designed emails actually perform worse than emails that have minimal design. Why?Designed emails look like they are coming from a company and end up getting deleted. To keep emails feeling personal, don’t worry about creating a fancy email! Keep it simple and clean to enhance the personal feel.

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