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Starting Your Year off Right!

(Published on - 1/11/2017 2:19:04 PM)

In his 40th year in the business, the Sage of the GMAR Board and Realty Executives senior ranking Executive teaches us how to stay focused for the next 12 months.  Start your year off right for 2017!

If the real estate industry had a Decathlon award for the agent who excelled, where the sum of his life was greater than the whole of his actions, Bruce would be the reigning Gold Medal Winner year after year. There is wisdom about his life that transcends the New Year, the new president and another new market.  Clear your schedule and cancel your vacation!

If you are a Realtor looking to start your year off right...Join us on Wednesday January 18th at 10am in our Brookfield Office (13005 W. Bluemound Rd, Brookfield).

Bruce Nemovitz - RE-Integrity's very own Bruce Nemovitz has sold over 3,000 homes while loving his wife Jeanne for 44 years, fathering Dara and Karra and grandfathering 5 boys and 2 girls. A Master Thinker of marketing trends, cultural trends and human behavior, he is a published author of two books, his articles are published in over 50 monthly magazines, he is a featured speaker, former GMAR Realtor of the Year, founder of REAL, and a passionate member of the band Lovin' Kind. A true Renaisance Man.

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