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Best Time to Move With Kids

(Published on - 7/16/2019 7:48:53 PM)

The right time to move can be different for everyone. Depending on your job opportunities, the housing market, your timeline for moving, or your kids’ ages, there are plenty of factors to consider when deciding when is the right time to move with your family. But is there a perfect time to move with kids, and how should you approach the move? Here’s what to keep in mind when moving with kids. 

Make the move during the summer

If your kids are old enough to be in school, it’s typically easiest to move during the summer. This way, your kids won’t have to grapple with leaving their classrooms and friends and trying to adjust to starting school in the middle of the year. The summer marks the season of a fresh start, so making a move to a new place (or even just across town to a new school or district) will be much easier during the summer months.

Moving can be easier while your kids are young

Generally, the younger your kids are, the easier it is to adjust to the idea of moving. Kids in elementary school are more likely to be open to moving than kids in middle or high school. As children get older and more involved in school, they are more likely to make strong emotional bonds with their friends, be well-adjusted to their current school or classes, and even become involved in romantic relationships. Even though older kids and teenagers tend to understand moving better than young kids, young kids are less likely to put up a fight about the move.

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