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(Published on - 6/11/2018 4:24:03 PM)

Nothing is more frustrating than when you need advice, and you can’t figure out who to talk to. What if you have a brilliant idea? Who is the right person to present it to? What happens when you need support—from your personal business to all of the technical details in-between? Who takes care of YOU when you are busy taking care of your clients?

→Did you know← that at Realty Executives Integrity, there is a Leadership Team in place meant to handle situations just like those listed, plus much more? To say they support the many Sales Executives in the REI family is an understatement.  This Leadership Team does far more than simply provide support; they put their time, energy, and hearts into creating an atmosphere that allows for mutual trust, progress, nourishment, and success in business and in life!

The team works diligently to develop an environment that allows all Sales Executives the freedom to run their own business, a culture that supports personal growth, and an entrepreneurial spirit where the sky is the limit!

Meet the Leadership Team:♦

Dale Schaechterle | Chief Executive Officer, Founding Partner


Dale’s role is to share his insights with the Sales Executives in order to support them in building a strong real estate business that is customized to reflect their unique style and approach. In particular, Dale focuses on helping Sales Executives find their area of specialty that becomes their trademark in the business, and he is also masterful at helping our Sales Executives develop and grow a Real Estate Team


Dana Keegan | Chief Financial Officer, Realtor, Partner   

Dana handles everything and anything related to finances and compliance. She is passionate about making sure they offer the most competitive fee plans in our marketplace so that Sales Executives keep as much of their hard-earned commission dollars as possible. She works closely with the Leadership Team to implement processes that streamline your business and expands your knowledge base.


Claire Zastrow | Chief Operating Officer, Partner 

Claire’s role is to be a voice for the support staff, the training of Sales Executives, and the marketing efforts of the company. She helps implement systems and tools to help these areas of REI run efficiently and smoothly. Claire also says that she has the role of a learner, because she can learn much from each of her team members and the Executives she serves when she maintains a teachable heart. 


Becky Wilde | Director of Professional Development 

Becky primarily works with agents looking to move to the Executive Level.  Her goal is to ensure that their transition to Realty Executives Integrity is smooth and that the effects on their business are nothing but positive. Becky keeps agents organized and gets them on the right track for a stress-free transition.  


Adam Zastrow | Performance Coach    

Adam’s role is to lead the Leadership Team through books, presentations, assessments, and other practices that encourage and challenge them as leaders to be lifelong learners and ideal team players to benefit the REI family. Adam also meets with our Sales Executives to help identifiy their priorities in business and in life. He walks alongside them to create a business plan that honors these priorties and works to hold them accountable to the goals they have set for themselves.  


Their promise to you: To provide an environment that promotes financial freedom, creates exceptional business opportunities, and equips agents with innovative industry resources to customize a real estate experience for clients that is second to none.


Want to learn more? See what the team members have to say about it!

“I think the greatest benefit of our Leadership Team to our Sales Executives is our deep love and concern for those we serve. Traditional companies view their agents as underlings and treat them accordingly. I was in that situation prior to joining Realty Executives, and it was unhealthy. When we opened Realty Executives Integrity, I vowed to always treat our agents with respect and value their ideas and suggestions as if they’re co-owners. We always ask ourselves, ‘What’s best for the Sales Executives we serve’. In short, our agents come first. This Core Belief is the foundation for everything we do and every decision we make as a Leadership Team.”—Dale Schaechterle

“Our leadership team shares the same singular vision for Integrity. We are all about cultivating a culture of entrepreneurial freedom and profitability, with high levels of support. We are 100% united in this.  Our leadership team is DIVERSE. We complement each other with different areas of strength. We see problems and opportunities from different perspectives. We each have unique skills and talents that serve all our Executives.”—Adam Zastrow

“At REI an agent can be new to the industry or they can be a seasoned veteran in the business.  Either way, the Leadership Team encourages growth by surrounding our Executives with the systems, tools, training, and environment they need to exceed their goals, not only in business but in life.  We are always open to new ideas and love to involve our Executives when it comes to providing opportunities for growth.”—Becky Wilde

“The leadership at REI is made up of individuals who are vastly different in personalities, skills, and talents; but when we come together our vision, approach, and execution are cohesive. Our core values are aligned and the desire to serve can be felt at every level of our organization. We truly represent the people we serve, and our focus is much more than just a sales goal. We are in business to provide you with the opportunities to live the best life possible; real estate is our vehicle to that destination.”—Dana Keegan

“Our Leadership Team is comprised of servant-hearted individuals with unique strengths and talents that seek to serve with excellence and grow our company with quality Sales Executives. We not only have like mindedness in our desire to do what is best for those we serve, but we also genuinely enjoy one another. This team is unlike anything that I have experience before; encouraging one another towards growth both personally and professionally. We seek to provide quality opportunities for our Executives through training, networking, mentoring and so much more. Our desire is to provide an environment for our Sales Executives to thrive in their business and their life!”—Claire Zastrow

 To say the agents at REI are blessed is an understatement. Who wouldn’t want to have a Leadership Team like this one looking out for them?

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