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Cruisin' with Kim: Summer Concert Featuring Swing & Standards

(Published on - 6/1/2019 5:51:56 PM)

Free  Concert at the Woodridge Public Library on Sun, June 2 at 2 p.m.

Cabaret Singer Kym Frankovelgia has done her share of cruising, working with The Sammy Kaye  and Tommy Dorsey Orchestras and Maxene Andrews of The Andrew Sisters during American Hawaii Cruises. She'll bring her fabulous voice and fun personality to help us kick off summer, singing the standards, a little swing ...whatever floats her boat as she transports us to the high seas.

It'll be a party with light refreshments and a few cruise ship surprises!

For further information, click here.


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5 Myths About Home Insurance

(Published on - 5/26/2019 6:27:22 PM)

Homeowners insurance includes many myths and preconceived notions that can make the home buying process confusing and intimidating for first-timers. However, demystifying homeowners insurance may be easier than you think. Take these five common home insurance myths into consideration before buying your first home to help ensure a smooth process.

Myth #1: The surrounding neighborhood doesn’t affect the price of home insurance.

Contrary to popular belief, the cost of a home’s insurance premium is influenced by its surrounding area. Each neighborhood has a record of multiple factors that insurance companies take note of, including prior insurance claims and crime rates in the area.

Based on statistics provided by the FBI, the state, and other departments, each community is given a grade by insurance companies. The frequency of crimes, like burglaries and vandalism, within a community is compared against the city’s population. Neighborhoods with lower grades are considered higher risk, and homes within these areas will often have higher premiums.

Myth #2: External home fixtures don’t affect the price of insurance.

The physical structure of a home isn’t the only factor involved in home insurance. When it comes to calculating premiums, insurance companies consider every potential risk on the property. Homes with trampolines and swimming pools carry a higher risk of claims due to injury or property damage and are subject to higher premiums.

Dog owners may also be surprised to learn that they could face higher premiums. Although many domesticated dogs are friendly, insurance companies pay close attention to the risk of bites and other injuries.

Myth #3: Older, cheaper homes will have lower insurance premiums.

Though an older home may have a lower sale price, it may have a much higher insurance rate. Older homes are considered high risk to insurance companies for many reasons. Homes built in the ’80s and before may have outdated plumbing, and water damage and leaks are among the most common home insurance claims.

Another concern with older homes is the wiring system. Older homes may have aluminum wiring installed, which is susceptible to fire. Outdated wiring systems also may not be up to current state code, which can further drive up the price of a premium.

Myth #4: Homes within the same neighborhood will have the same premium.

Though the neighborhood a home is located does influence its premium, many factors could cause one house to pay a vastly different amount than even the one next door. For example, brick houses are at lower risk of fire damage than homes with wooden frames. However, homes with fiber-cement siding are fire resistant and have an added benefit of being termite proof.

It’s important to note that homes within earthquake-prone zones are evaluated differently. Brick houses are more prone to damage from earthquakes and will pay higher premiums than homes made of other materials within these areas.

Myth #5: Once a premium is calculated, the price is fixed and can’t be changed.

A homeowner has plenty of options to reduce the cost of their home insurance premium. Updating the roof to hail-resistant shingles, for example, will impress an insurance company. Additionally, installing security features such as a fence or alarm system will decrease both the risk of claims and the cost of your premium. Installing a sprinkler system to reduce the risk of fire damage is another way to make an insurance company happy, and they’ll reward you — by lowering your premium.

Now that you are armed with insider knowledge about the way homeowners insurance works, you can begin the hunt for your first home with confidence. If you have questions about homeowners insurance or are interested in quotes, an independent insurance agent can help you. Visit to get matched up with an independent insurance agent today, so they can help you get started on your journey.

Article Source: Realty Executives International

Realty Executives Midwest
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Interested in becoming a licensed real estate broker in Illinois?

(Published on - 5/18/2019 7:36:17 PM)

Well then you're in luck! The CE Shop, the leader in online real estate education, is having a FLASH SALE on Wednesday, May 22nd. We've teamed up with them to offer you this great discount, whether you're looking to get licensed or you're looking to complete your Continued Education courses.

This Wednesday, May 22nd, all real estate education courses and packages will be 40% off! This discount is available site-wide for one day only. Don’t miss out on your chance to save big on all Pre-Licensing, Post-Licensing and Continuing Education.

Visit to get started, and use code "JAWSOME" to receive 40% off your purchase.

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6 Benefits of Home Ownership

(Published on - 5/12/2019 3:34:46 PM)

Realty Executives Midwest
1310 Plainfield Rd. Ste 2 | Darien, IL 60561
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Mother's Day Craft Show on May 4th, 2019 in Darien, IL

(Published on - 5/3/2019 9:10:07 PM)

Shop with over 30 crafters and vendors for the special ladies in your life for Mother's Day. There will be a large variety of items to choose from including jewelry and women's accessories, skin care, nail care, home goods, sweet treats and many more!

Admission is free.

Please email for more information or vendor opportunities.



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