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Important Realtor Safety Tips!

(Published on - 9/29/2019 5:10:54 PM)

At Realty Executives, we care about the safety of all real estate professionals, and are dedicated to educate agents and brokers on how to be safe in the field while meeting new clients, sharing information online or showing properties.

In this article by National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), we take a look at the variety of resources available for professionals to keep them alert, observant and safe.

Safety Products

KATANA Safety: the world’s first personal security system that attaches to your smartphone. The system bypasses a locked screen by triggering a loud alarm or pushing a discreet silent panic button. A 24/7 Response Center is alerted and contacted.

Mace Alert 911: Hand-held device that offers two-way voice communications directly to 911. No phone is needed and there are no monthly fees.

ORA: Personal safety device that instantly alerts your contacts along with your GPS location. ORA is the only device that can make a backup call to 911.

Prop Lock: Effective way to mitigate the risk posed by closed doors. This safety lock keeps doors propped open and prevents someone from creating a confine space.

V.ALRT: Efficiently designed product to be carried discreetly in a pocket, bag, pendant or bracelet. When pushed the V.ALRT button pings your smartphone and sends a personalized texts to three emergency contacts.

Safety Programs

Sage Home Coalition: Safeguarding Prescriptions During Property Showings

Safety Applications for Smartphones:

FOREWARN: Allows agents to work safer and smarter by instantly verifying a prospect’s identity and potential risks prior to face-to-face engagement.

Guard Llama: With just the press of a button, agents are able to reach police.

Homesnap Pro: This app sets a safety timer for when agents are on a showing with an unfamiliar client. If the time expires, a text will be sent to your emergency contacts.

PeopleSmart: For a set monthly price, PeopleSmart can perform a background check on prospective clients before you meet them.

There are many more apps to keep you safe ranging in price and functionality. Visit NAR to see which ones work best for you.

Keeping safe is the primary focus of Realty Executives. Please stay alert, take precautions and educate yourself or team on ways to minimize risks while working.

Article Source: Realty Executives International

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