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5 Tips Hosting This Year's Holidays

(Published on - 12/9/2018 8:24:04 PM)

Hosting family and friends during the holiday can be stressful. Crazy relatives, little ones and of course the family dog, all in one place with different opinions, expectations and food allergies. It may seem chaotic at first, but the tips below can offer some solutions to make you and your home the hit of the holidays.

Set a Budget

As we all know, things can add up quickly. From buying groceries to feed a large group, decorations, drinks and more, the amount you want to spend needs to be set before you start preparing. If you’re working on a smaller budget, cut out some of the more expensive items, like lavish table settings or décor. Also, it’s a called a gathering for a reason! Have your friends or family pitch in and bring their favorite dish to share to avoid a hefty grocery bill.

Your House, Your Rules

Don’t feel like just because you are hosting a special celebration that you can’t set some rules or boundaries. If there are areas of the home where you would rather not have guests or any antiques that are valuable and may break with little ones around, don’t be afraid to tell your guests not to go into certain spaces! For any fragile items, probably just best to hide them in a safe place till the party’s over.

Have you Holiday Supplies Ready

The holidays can require a lot more than just your average dinner party so make sure to prepare when agreeing to host. Kitchen accessories such as carving boards, gravy boats and pie dishes are generally  needed to host a winter feast. Most people don’t use these on daily basis so make sure to take inventory of the kitchen before the big day.

Make Room: The More the Merrier

Whether it’s inside the fridge or the guest rooms, you’re going to need extra space when hosting family and friends. Although the food is delicious, all the dishes are huge! With all the holiday dishes,  you are going to need some extra shelf space, so make sure to clean out and organize your fridge

Guest rooms tend to be used as storage when not in use, so if you have guests staying over, remove your clutter and make their space comfortable.

Take a Moment

Cooking, cleaning and keeping a smile on for days is exhausting. Before guests arrive take 30 minutes to yourself and take in all your hard work. Cozy up with some wine or hot chocolate and watch that Hallmark movie you’ve seen on commercials all week. Spend some time with your immediate family too! They have been just as stressed out and you won’t have as much alone time once that doorbell rings.

If you don’t have time before, step out and take a breath after dinner before gifts, movies or the games begin. This is your holiday too, enjoy it.


Article Taken from Realty Executives International

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