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Tips to Upgrading your Loft for Resale

(Published on - 1/4/2020 4:52:27 PM)

When you are trying to sell your home, there are a great many factors that you need to have in mind. A lot of things will influence the buyers’ decision, as well as the price you can get. One of the things that can increase the appeal of your home is – the shape your loft is in. With that in mind, we’ve prepared this article on loft upgrades that will help you sell your property faster and at a better price. Consider implementing them, as doing so will certainly work in your favor.

Bringing in Natural Light

As lofts usually come with sloping ceilings and unusual angles, bathing them in natural light can be tricky. Still, this is an essential thing to do, as a loft without natural light will be much less attractive to buyers. Dormer windows are a good solution to this problem. Not only do they allow for natural light to break in, but they also provide additional headroom. Unfortunately, you may need to get planning permission before installing these windows. Because they change the way your property’s exterior looks like, you could be instructed, for example, that you will have to use sash windows instead of sliding ones, or that the windows can only cover a certain part of your property’s width.

Another solution is to install skylights. This is usually more simple to pull-off, and the value it adds to your home is more or less the same as the value you’d get from installing dormer windows.

Loft Terrace

Among all the loft upgrades that will help you sell your property more quickly, a loft terrace is certainly one of the more attractive options. You will, obviously, get more space, and your buyers will definitely appreciate the fact that they can relax at the terrace and enjoy the fresh air without actually having to go outside. There’s nothing like taking the time to unwind at the terrace while being seated in a comfortable chair, with a good book and refreshing beverage by your side! And this is especially true if your property is located in a part of the country where the weather is nice all year long, such as Florida or Arizona. Before selling your home and leaving your beautiful city for good – build a terrace and allow the buyer to take advantage of such great weather!

What’s more, a terrace will increase your property’s appeal from the outside. For some additional gain, consider matching the flooring you will use for the terrace and the interior of the loft. Both should look nice, and it creates the feeling of aesthetically pleasing coherence.

Loft Bar

Such a bar is certainly among the loft upgrades that will help you sell your property, as it adds a touch a glamour to your loft. Moreover, a bar may work better in a loft than in any other room, as the unusual angles are actually an advantage in this case. You can use them, for example, to store drinks in an interesting way, or to create appealing seating arrangements.

As for the decorations, you are more likely to sell your property faster if you go with a bold yet sophisticated look. Plants and soft furnishings should entice the majority of your potential buyers. Use striking colors, but remember to match the look of your bar with the style that the rest of the loft is designed in. On the other hand, some buyers will prefer a more understated, delicate approach. As you can’t be sure what the taste of the next person who comes to look at your property will be like, to stay on the safe side, a more extravagant look is still recommended.

Having an Energy-Efficient Loft

Finally, it’s also a good idea to make your loft more energy-efficient. While buyers will want to see that your loft is equipped with at least one radiator, they will also appreciate it if they can easily control the temperature. Radiators with thermostatic valves are a good solution, but there are also smart home-geared devices that will let you change the temperature by using your smartphone.

A simple way to make your property more energy-efficient is to replace the light bulbs with their LED counterparts. Doing so will definitely lower the electricity bill, which is good both for you and for increasing the appeal of your home in the eyes of the potential buyers. Solar panels on your skylights are also worth considering. While installing them may be costly, and you will need to have a specific roof, doing so may pay off in the long run.

Article Source: Realty Executives International

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