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The Best Time of Year to Buy Things for Your Home

(Published on - 1/20/2019 8:29:03 PM)

Buying stuff can be stressful. Cheap out, and you could regret it. Overspend, and you’ll cut into your budget. Knowing the best time of year to buy appliances and other household items can lessen the anxiety. Here’s a list of the best time of year for sales — or download the one-page calendar here.

Furniture: January and July

You could save 30% to 60% buying furniture in January and July, as stores try to clear out inventory and make way for new pieces, which manufacturers introduce in February and August.

Floor samples especially often sell for a song, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Storage Essentials: January and August

In August, retailers slash prices and offer free shipping on shelving, organizing systems, baskets, and storage bins, baiting parents who are packing kids off to college or getting organized for a new school year. (No offspring? No problem. Proof of parenthood is not required to qualify for deals.)

It happens again in January, when stores roll out more sales — and selection — to help you find a home for all those holiday gifts and meet your organizing goals for the New Year.

Linens and Towels: January

Department store “white sales” — launched in 1878 — are still a favorite marketing tactic and make January the best time to binge on high-quality bedding and towels. If the exact color or style you’re seeking is out of stock, ask in-store for a rain check, so you can get exactly what you want at the price that can’t be beat.

Major Appliances: January, September, October, and the Holidays

The prices on this year’s appliances bottom out when they suddenly become last year’s models. With the exception of refrigerators (more on that below), you can pick up last year’s models for way less in September, October, and January, when stores are making room for new inventory.

For good deals on this year’s models, wait for Black Friday and the holidays. The season rivals inventory clear-out bargains as the best time of year for sales on appliances. And if you’ve got more than one appliance on the fritz, holidays are often the time to find incentives for buying multiple items.

Mattresses: February and May

Even the most obscure holiday seems to inspire mattress sale commercials. Annoying, yes, but also a reminder that you should never pay full price for a mattress. The best time of year for sales is February (courtesy of Presidents Day) and May (Memorial Day).

Many department stores offer coupons for additional savings on the sale price, while specialty chains — which have the biggest markups — can drop prices 50% or more. But don’t waste your time price shopping: Manufacturers have exclusive deals with retailers for each model, so the only way to find a lower price is to snuggle up to a different mattress.

Refrigerators: May

Unlike other big-ticket appliances, new fridges are released in May. Combine the need for retail turnover with Memorial Day sales, and you get epic savings nearly all month long, making it the best time of year to buy a new refrigerator.

Snow Blowers: March and April


The best time to pick up a low-cost snow blower is exactly when you DON’T need it: in March and April. That time of year, no store wants them taking precious floor space away from spring merch like patio furniture and grills.

Roofing: May

For the lowest price on materials, buy in May.

But if you’re paying a pro to install a new roof, contractor rates begin their climb April 1 and stay high through fall. So if weather allows for wintertime installation, you could save big.

Gas Grills: July and August

Come July 5, there’s still smoke in the air from Fourth of July fireworks, but stores are already moving on to Halloween, with Christmas not far behind. So, they’ll cook up juicy savings on grills and other summer staples in July and August. Sales peak by Labor Day, so you could pick up a new grill and still have time to host one final summer hurrah.

Lawn Mowers: August, September, and May

August and September are the perfect time to retire an ailing mower. You’ll find the lowest prices of the year (but also the slimmest selection) as stores replace mowers with snow blowers. Retailers also kick off the season with sales every April. You generally won’t save quite as much, but you’ll have more choices.

Perennials: September

Unlike non-perishable goods, there’s not much retailers can do with last season’s perennials, so September brings savings of 30% to 50% and two-for-one offers on plants like hostas, daylilies, and peonies. And note that independent gardening stores can typically offer deeper discounts than big chains.

Cooler weather also makes this a great time of year to plant. How’s that for a win-win? If you prefer planting in the spring, many nurseries offer 10% to 20% off when you pre-order in February or March.

Power Tools: June and December

Power tools are a favorite go-to gift for Father’s Day and the holidays, so June and December are the best time to buy tools like cordless drills.

Paint: January, May, July, November, and December

Prices for interior and exterior paint bottom out when the mercury (and demand) falls — in November, December, and January, but also when it rises back up, in May and July.

HVAC equipment: March, April, October, and November

Like snow blowers, the best time to buy furnaces and whole-house air conditioning systems is when you don’t need them. Prices are lowest during months with moderate temperatures — generally March and April, then October and November.

Many installers also run promotions during these slow seasons to help load their books. They also may be more willing to negotiate a lower price or throw in a free upgrade like a fancy thermostat.

Flooring: December and January

From mid-December and into January, homeowners tend to take a break from major remodeling projects because of the holidays. Flooring retailers and installers are looking for business, so that gorgeous wide-plank flooring or luscious carpet can be yours for an even more scrumptious price. Happy Holidays to you.

Article Source: HouseLogic, Written by Amy Howell Hirt

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Eliminate Negative Self Talk And Celebrate Your Wins Instead!

(Published on - 1/13/2019 8:48:09 PM)

Highly-motivated, goal-oriented people can easily grow frustrated if they miss the mark or get behind on what they would like to accomplish—but focusing on what you have not accomplished, instead of celebrating what you managed to make happen, can be toxic to your self-esteem, and get in the way of your productivity and overall growth.

Regardless of where you want to be in your career, it’s important to take time to celebrate how far you’ve come. Not only will this inspire you to keep moving forward, but you may find you’re already more impressive than you realize. Consider the following:

Take note of ALL goals. It’s hard to realize we’ve successfully met a goal if we never set it in the first place. Make a habit of recording your goals, from small to large, so that you can revisit them weekly, monthly or yearly to see your progress. You may be surprised!

Eliminate negative self-talk. You’d probably never berate a friend if they came to you feeling unaccomplished, and, yet, we often are our own harshest critic. When negative self-talk arises, stick up for yourself the way you would stick up for a friend. While this may feel awkward at first, if you do this continuously, you will find your self-directed negativity diminishing.

Celebrate the small wins. Maybe you missed that big mark, but perhaps you managed an hour of cold calling every day this week, quickly followed up on all leads, or met with a new client. These wins should be celebrated—after all, they’re leading you toward a larger accomplishment.

Imagine your past self. If you’re stuck in a rut of negativity, imagine you run into your past self from five, 10 or 15 years ago. What would your past self think of your present self? Chances are, you’d be impressed with where you are in your career. It’s all too easy to lose sight of how far we’ve come, and this visualization can help put things in perspective.

Article source: RISMedia, written by Zoe Eisenberg.

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(Published on - 1/2/2019 4:45:37 PM)

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Congratulations to the 2018 Realty Executives Midwest Award Winners!

(Published on - 12/26/2018 9:08:59 PM)

Realty Executives Midwest in Darien, IL held their annual holiday luncheon, a tradition held for over 25 years, on December 19th, 2018.

This event is held to honor and give recognition to the Executives and the rest of the team for their outstanding job! Special guests included Alysia Heun, Vice President of Realty Executives International, and Sue Wiskowksi-Fair, co-founder of Realty Executives Illinois.


At this event, the agents and support team were acknowledged for any special achievements as well as sales production. Rosa Andersen was awarded the Top Producer of 2018 - an incredible achievement based on volume/commission closed during the year.

Other award-winners include:

100% Gold Club: Deneen Ruffolo
100% Silver Club: Regina Macionis, Kevin Vargas, Kathy Meyer, Joe Kenny, Joan Wayman
Chairman's Club: Alison Walker, Rani Bajaj
Executive Club: Janet Tunget, Brian Bischoff
President's Club: Judy Viskocil, Terri Knorps, Melanie Ruta, and Mark Sotir
Rookie of the Year: Chris Nava

 Realty Executives Midwest would also to congratulate Judy Viskocil for earning the coveted Realtor® Emeritus status & celebrating 40 years in real estate, and also to theirmultiple agents who had career-high sales records. 


Jana Pinc, Managing Broker, comments:

"I am utterly grateful to all the wonderful members of our team whose loyalty, dedication and enthusiasm has not only made our success possible but also has made the journey exciting. I feel honored to be the managing broker of this office."

In additon, Realty Executives Midwest was also awarded the Agents' Choice Award from Realty Executives International. Alysia Heun, VP of REI, comments:

"At Realty Executives International's 2018 West Coast Conference, leading brokerages were recognized for their year-over-year accomplishments in the areas of growth, retention and market leadership....On behalf of all of us at our international headquarters, we congratulate you on recieving the Agents Choice Award! This award represents stability, consistency, and retention, with award winners retaining more than 20 Executives year-over-year.....Earning the Agent's choice award is a reflection of your Executives' confidence in you, as well as your dedication and incredible hard work."

5 Tips Hosting This Year's Holidays

(Published on - 12/9/2018 8:24:04 PM)

Hosting family and friends during the holiday can be stressful. Crazy relatives, little ones and of course the family dog, all in one place with different opinions, expectations and food allergies. It may seem chaotic at first, but the tips below can offer some solutions to make you and your home the hit of the holidays.

Set a Budget

As we all know, things can add up quickly. From buying groceries to feed a large group, decorations, drinks and more, the amount you want to spend needs to be set before you start preparing. If you’re working on a smaller budget, cut out some of the more expensive items, like lavish table settings or décor. Also, it’s a called a gathering for a reason! Have your friends or family pitch in and bring their favorite dish to share to avoid a hefty grocery bill.

Your House, Your Rules

Don’t feel like just because you are hosting a special celebration that you can’t set some rules or boundaries. If there are areas of the home where you would rather not have guests or any antiques that are valuable and may break with little ones around, don’t be afraid to tell your guests not to go into certain spaces! For any fragile items, probably just best to hide them in a safe place till the party’s over.

Have you Holiday Supplies Ready

The holidays can require a lot more than just your average dinner party so make sure to prepare when agreeing to host. Kitchen accessories such as carving boards, gravy boats and pie dishes are generally  needed to host a winter feast. Most people don’t use these on daily basis so make sure to take inventory of the kitchen before the big day.

Make Room: The More the Merrier

Whether it’s inside the fridge or the guest rooms, you’re going to need extra space when hosting family and friends. Although the food is delicious, all the dishes are huge! With all the holiday dishes,  you are going to need some extra shelf space, so make sure to clean out and organize your fridge

Guest rooms tend to be used as storage when not in use, so if you have guests staying over, remove your clutter and make their space comfortable.

Take a Moment

Cooking, cleaning and keeping a smile on for days is exhausting. Before guests arrive take 30 minutes to yourself and take in all your hard work. Cozy up with some wine or hot chocolate and watch that Hallmark movie you’ve seen on commercials all week. Spend some time with your immediate family too! They have been just as stressed out and you won’t have as much alone time once that doorbell rings.

If you don’t have time before, step out and take a breath after dinner before gifts, movies or the games begin. This is your holiday too, enjoy it.


Article Taken from Realty Executives International

Realty Executives Midwest
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