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How To Keep Your Kid's Toys Organized During Moving

(Published on - 4/14/2019 8:00:57 PM)

Packing your kids’ stuff for a move may be in some ways a little bit trickier than packing your own. Unlike you, your children have more than clothes, and accessories – they also have toys in all shapes and sizes.

Kids’ rooms and playrooms are usually piled high with toys, storybooks, and just about anything that triggers their creativity. And while “picking up toys” is in their daily chore charts, it may take more than that to keep these things organized especially when you’re in the process of moving houses.

Just in case you need more help; we came up with a few tips on how to keep your little ones’ precious (and forgotten) toys organized during the moving process.

Ask your kids to help

Children love being treated like adults. They like to feel needed and are almost always keen on helping out. Organizing toys is something your kids can do, and you sure can use the help from several small hands.

Sort the toys into piles or boxes

Sorting their toys is an essential step in the process. Besides, you don’t want to bring all those toys to your new house, do you?

Your kids have probably outgrown most of them anyway. What you should do is take two boxes: one for the toys your kids want to keep and the other for the ones they don’t want or play with anymore. Leave the sorting to your kids. Don’t worry; they’ll manage.

You might also want a separate box for your kids’ favorite toys. They’ll probably want to take those with them on moving day.

Categorize the ones you’re keeping

When your kids have finally decided which toys they’re taking with them, subdivide them again into groups. Maybe a group for arts and crafts supplies, another for board games, one more for dolls and stuffed toys, and so on. You may end up with a bunch of “uncategorized” toys, but this is expected. Just put the odd ones in one container.

Place the toys in separate containers and label them.

After categorizing the toys, place them in boxes or storage bins and label them accordingly. Labels make finding stuff so much easier; you and your kids can benefit from this especially when things are lost in a maze of moving boxes and containers.

Here’s an idea: Have your kids create and stick the labels themselves. It might be just another random task for adults, but your kids will think its super fun!

Consider donating

The moving process can also be an excellent chance to teach your kids the value of sharing and giving to the community. Remember those toys they tossed in the “unwanted” pile? They can find a new home in the arms of children not as fortunate as they are. Your local charity will be more than glad to make the pick-up.

We hope these few, simple tips help ease the stress and make the transition more convenient for you and your family. Happy moving!

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