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Testimonials from our agents and others

We're proud of the great things our agents and others have to say about our office, and we want to share them with you... 


"You have an awesome office. As much as I'd like to say that Realty Executives International has something to do with it, I know the office is awesome because YOU built it that way. You are doing a great job and keep it up." Alysia Heun, Vice President Realty Executives International


"Back in late April 2009, I made the difficult decision to join Realty Executives Midwest...little did I know, it was the best business decision I’d make in my real estate career." Kevin Vargas, Executive

We have an office of hard working, warm & caring people, who can be "trusted and enjoy each other’s company under many different situations. It’s not about the money, although that is a wonderful perk, it’s about WHO each and every one of us are. We thank you for hand picking each of us and that’s why we have the kind of office we have!”  Deneen Ruffolo, Executive

“Jana is always available and has the patience of an angel to work, support and encourage me for the last 20 years. She has been not only my broker but a friend.” Rosa Andersen, Executive
"Thank you for being such a great role model for all of us.  We very much appreciate everything you do and for making the office such a positive place to be!” From support staff: Joli Simo and Jani Gryka and the team

"There is a sense of team spirit, compassion, and respect that permeates throughout our office. Thank you to my fellow colleagues for welcoming me and making this such a positive, empathetic, and energetic environment." Kathy Meyer, Executive

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working in the office. We have gotten incredible support and guidance and you have always been there to resolve difficult situations with simple solutions. Genuinely appreciate you as my broker manager. Thank you all for your continuous help!" Rani Bajaj, Executive

"25+ years later and I am still with this office and could never imagine a different place to work." Janet Tunget, Executive

"I just want to thank you for your continued love, support and friendship. We have an amazing office Team because you're a great leader. Very proud to be a part of it!  This office is not just any office - everyone is like family that gives me the strenght to push myself to be the best I can be". Terri Knorps, Executive

“I am so lucky to be associated with so many wonderful people in our office that offer so much inspiration." Donalynne Nipperus, Executive

"I am so glad we met all those years ago and that Deneen and I now have the privilege of being a part of Realty Executives Midwest. I am very proud that Deneen is achieving success at Realty Executives as I know she always puts her customer first and truly enjoys what she's doing. Of course, this would not be possible without your leadership. Your agents praise are a testimony to your character and the business environment within which they work". Greg Ruffolo, Executive

"It’s such a pleasure to meet with your group and see their care for each other and the office as a whole. You’ve built a strong group of professionals. Roy would be so proud!” Sue Wiskowski, Co- Founder of Realty Executives of Illinois 

"I love coming to your office because it is such a close group of people over there--like a family kind of. I am sure it is a direct reflection of who you are. Besides being the hardest working broker in our area, you are also the kindest." Mike Angileri, Attorney

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