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How a real estate agent makes a difference

(Published on - 7/2/2017 6:30:54 PM)

There’s a lot of stuff out there you can buy and sell all by yourself. Unloading your old car? No problem. Ordering a sandwich? Hardly requires a buyer’s agent. But when it comes to buying and selling a home, there are many time-tested reasons for working with a real estate agent.

Despite the tangible nature of real estate, a home is really an investment. And when it comes to an investment as large as real estate, working with an agent provides a host of big benefits. Before you decide to go it alone, consider what you’ll be giving up if you do:

  1. Real estate agents know what’s really going on in the market. Anecdotal reports about what’s hot and what’s not isn’t the way to price a home or research neighborhoods. Agents provide visibility into the real numbers based on data.
  1. Real estate agents understand the process. How many real estate deals have you navigated? Your typical agent has had experience with dozens if not hundreds of transactions. They know the steps and they know what to do when things go wrong.
  1. Real estate agents can save you time researching homes. Sure, you can look online, but you can also give your agent criteria and sit back while they create a hit-list of must-visit homes they think are worth your attention. Why wouldn’t you leverage their assistance?
  1. Real estate agents negotiate on your behalf. Shield yourself from the frontline stress of negotiations while your agent looks out for your interests. It minimizes hard feelings and insulates you from the headache of negotiating directly.
  1. Real estate agents help you see the deal clearly. Buying a selling a home is an emotional experience, and emotions can cloud your decision making process. There’s a lot of money on the line. Can you really afford to act irrationally? Your agent can keep things level.

Invest wisely! Invest with a real estate agent.

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