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Five Best Home Security Applications

(Published on - 11/3/2019 5:53:51 PM)

Today, several companies and resources have been created to protect our household solely. Take home security systems, for example. It is ideal to set up and install home security according to Security Baron because it helps keep your home and family safe.

But in an on-the-go world, many homeowners want access to these systems while remote, right from their smart phone.

For this reason, the best way to safeguard your family is to concede home security with an associated mobile application. It is also important take into account how well the mobile application functions with your home automation system.

Function Of Security Mobile Applications

Several functions have been featured for mobile home security apps. The mobile application can be used to control and access your system remotely and monitor your home. This integration could also be used to keep in touch with your pets at home or see what your kids are doing. Have you experienced forgetting to lock your door? With the application, it won’t be a problem. You can easily use the application to shut and lock your doors. These are just a few of what the mobile home security apps can do. 

There are several home security with high-quality applications. Here are the five best home security with mobile applications.

Frontpoint Security App

Frontpoint home security has been notably impressive, as well as the application bundled with it. Using the Frontpoint home security mobile app, you can control and access your home security automation remotely. 

You can also use this application to turn your system on or off, control locks, lights, receive real-time alerts for any event based on your exact specifications, and much more. It means you won’t have to worry about having an extended vacation.

Vivint Sky Mobile App

The Vivint Sky Home Security is one of the best when it comes to home security systems. It offers a wide range of tools and machinery to protect your household. Plus, they sealed the deal with launching their Mobile application.

The Vivint Sky Mobile App is an application you can use to control your whole security system. Using the application, you can monitor your home window sensors, view indoor or outdoor surveillance cameras, and check the doorbell. This mobile application looks stylish and is easy to use.

Protect America App

The Protect America mobile app is used to control your entire home security from your palm. It has all the same actions as with any other applications that can control your home security. 

You can disarm or arm your security alarms, view your event history and view recorded and live video anywhere. With the use of this application, you can unlock or lock your house door to control who goes and comes and at what time. 


With the use of the ADT Pulse app, you can arm or disarm your security integration system. This application has all the controls of your small appliances and can easily turn them off. 

It also notifies you of when your children return home and see live footage of your backyard. The ADT Pulse app has been notable for its features that allow you to schedule your vacations and other events and set up custom automation. 

Canary App

The Canary app has been notable for its stylish mobile design, plus its great functions. It is known for its easy to use applications. With the Canary app, you can watch surveillance footage and primarily control all your home security devices. 

You also have the option to receive security and activity alerts along with video footage of the event. It has amazing features to connect your home to an emergency responder and it can trigger a siren signal for any emergency. 


Security systems have been a helpful tool to keep your household safe and sound. But, there is another way to always keep in touch with your home. Have the home security applications continuously updated and installed on your mobile phone. By doing this, a sure safe and happy family is guaranteed. 

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