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(Published on - 10/12/2016 3:53:44 PM)

If you had the opportunity to surround yourself with intelligent, hardworking people who have mastered the art of the real estate profession, would you take it? 

At Realty Executives Midwest in Darien we recognize that one of the keys to success and balance is proximity to people who are a positive, energizing influence. If you currently feel overwhelmed and lack energy at work, this might be the perfect time to take a close and objective look at your environment and who you’re being influenced by.

We offer a nurturing and supportive environment aimed at helping build real estate careers in the western Chicagoland suburbs.

Our award-winning Executive support team and dedicated Managing Broker, Jana Pinc, have created a culture where agents thrive, taking their career to a whole new level. Here are some testimonials from your future coworkers:

"I am so blessed to be part of this office. I have never come across another broker as involved as you are! We are the BEST because we have the BEST!" Deneen Ruffolo, Executive

"Thank you so much for all the help you have given me and everything to get started. You really are a special manager and certainly a very caring one." Judy Viskocil, Executive

“We should thank you for all the support that you give us. I should've moved to your office many many years ago.” Lorraine Tresnak, Executive

"It's nice to work for an awesome broker..." Kevin Vargas, Executive

"I want to thank you for such a great support staff. The ladies do such a terrific job of answering our calls and getting all messages to us. I particularly appreciate the amazing job they do on flyers and highlight sheets. I'm not a great typist or tech savvy, so it frees me up to do other work. They always strive to do a great job and make endless changes until I end up with a very professional looking product. I've had compliments from other realtors on my flyers looking great." Melanie Ruta, Executive

"Well, it was a lucky day for me when I came aboard. I have had remarkable success and it was because of you believing in me!" Janet Tunget, Executive

“We understand your time is valuable, so let us take care of your marketing needs, from creating flyers to postcards and more. Struggling with technology? No worry! We have created technology support systems that will keep you up to date with the industry’s latest. Need anything else? Just ask—our extensive real estate training program is designed to help you succeed and earn higher real estate commission,” says Jana.

If you are serious about your business, Realty Executives Midwest in Darien is the right place for you. Aside from the dedicated real estate support team, you will be given access to a complete set of marketing tools that can help you boost your productivity and increase real estate sales. Our low-cost, cutting-edge tech tools allow you to run your business as you see fit and since all of these tools are created in-house, you’re paying a fraction of the cost but reaping all of the sweet benefits.

But most importantly, you'll be surrounded by top notch agents in an office environment that is both inspiring and fun.

Find out how you too can flourish. Contact Jana Pinc by calling 630-969-8880, via email at, or simply complete the form on our Join Us page.



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