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Orlando's Nightlife Scene

(Published on - 7/21/2020 7:54:39 PM)

Orlando has lots to do and we are always here to tell you about all the exciting things and places to do in this great big city. Orlando’s nightlife is just as vibrant as the daytime. There is so much to do from comedy clubs to speakeasies to clubs, you name it. You will find things appropriate for all ages. We have mentioned several things throughout some other posts like our weekly Neighborhood Spotlight, so we tried to give you a taste of some things you did not even know existed, because we did not for a while! Here are a few favorites we recommend!

  • The Imperial Wine Bar and Beer Garden: Have you ever thought to yourself: I would love to go furniture shopping with a bar inhouse? I mean the question cannot be farfetched because who does not love a glass of wine while doing anything, even furniture shopping? The Imperial Bar is a furniture store by day and wine and beer bar by night. It makes you want to come back for more. “The lighting is dim and you are at once lost in a maze of four poster beds, Balinese coffee tables, Indian treasure trunks, and Rajasthani door frames.” At night, the pieces transform into intimate corners for bar enjoyment and good conversation with some friends. So, if you are looking for a quiet yet interesting night out with a drink or two, then this might be the place for you.

Wine Bar, Craft Beer Bar Orlando, Central Florida | Imperial Wine ...

  • Next up is Enzian. Enzian is Central Florida’s only full-time alternative cinema. It is home of Eden Bar and the Florida Film Festival. Enzian’s mission is to educate and connect Orlando’s community to film. Since it is a nonprofit membership/organization, all proceeds whether be from tickets or food and beverage go towards the mission. It is a single screen cinema café that offers independent and foreign films with two unique dining options offered at the theater. This is a bit different than your regular night at the movie theater.


  • Next is Sak Comedy Lab. Sak Comedy Lab has been alive since 1991, and its goal is to make people laugh through improvised comedy. They take suggestions and make up characters, scenes, and songs on the spot. It is fun and edgy for adults, but also widely enjoyed by the younger crowd as well. This was the starting place for the careers of writers/actors/producers of shows we all have enjoyed through the years, like “The Office”, “Saturday Night Live”, and “Mad TV”. Here is a promo video of what it would look and feel like at the Sak Comedy Lab!


  • Last on the list is Hanson’s Shoe Repair. Yes, it is exactly what is sounds like, kind of. Andrew Hanson acquired this building in 1894 for his "Hanson Shoe Repair Shop" which had Orlando's first electric sign. It is generally thought that this building may be the oldest building still standing in downtown Orlando. Now, it is a rooftop speakeasy. Quite a transformation, right? This small and intimate bar serves craft cocktails curated by world-class bartenders. In true speakeasy style, a password is required for entry. Find it on Twitter or call 407-476-9446 and ask for it—just make sure to mention how many “shoes” you need repaired (code for how many people are in your party).

 Hanson's Shoe Repair: Orlando Nightlife Review - 10Best Experts ...       

 Hanson's Shoe Repair - Rooftop bar in Orlando | The Rooftop Guide



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