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Neighborhood Spotlight (Hourglass District)

(Published on - 6/17/2020 3:12:40 PM)

Our neighborhood spotlight this week features the Hourglass District. Located at the core of Bumby and Curry Ford, the Hourglass District is designed with locals in mind. It is a place to frame your unique day to day activities while providing an eclectic mix of merchants, contemporary architecture, and overall creative vibes. It provides a modern backdrop to shifting trends, tastes, and cultural movement of Orlando. It is another layer of the evolving culture of what defines Orlando as a modern metropolis with undeniable creativity, character, and charm.

Community: The Hourglass District is an engaging community. It empowers local small businesses, providing opportunities for these merchants to thrive in areas where 25k+ consumers pass through daily. They are an inclusive and accessible district with the goal of bringing the community together to live, play, and grow. In the Hourglass District, you will find local merchants, active opportunities, community-centric events, and green spaces, all cultivated by people in and around the district who want to bring you a more local lifestyle.

Life in the Hourglass District: The Hourglass District is a thriving place where locals can be local; they can shop, dine, bike, hang out, walk, and relax. Some of the places you will find in the HD District include Dramatic Education, Inc. which is an educational arts company that enriches and builds cognitive, physical and social development for all school age children. The Peaceful Peacock is a space for yoga classes, mindful services, and community events that will inspire their students to live balanced, positive, and empowered lives through yoga & other healing arts. Leguminati Vegan Eatery is a cruelty-free dining experience, specializing in plant-based fare for vegans and non-vegans alike. Foxtail Coffee Company is dedicated to responsibly sourcing and roasting some of the finest specialty coffee from around the world.  The Hourglass Social House is all about the vibe of community. It was voted one of the best wine shops in the Orlando Weekly’s Best of edition. The Hourglass Social House also offers a large variety of craft beers, delicious food, and a fun welcoming atmosphere. The perfect marriage between classic French pastries and traditional Vietnamese cuisine, Le Ky offers a rotating seasonal menu sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and savory palate.



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