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Tips for Moving with Children

(Published on - 7/20/2020 6:16:07 PM)

We have covered moving tips at one point, but this one is a little different: moving with children. Regardless of age, moving with children is a challenge, both emotionally and mentally. It is a big transition for kids because chances are, this is the only home they have known. This is where they made their first set of friends and went to school, and it is tough to have to leave that behind. It disrupts their regular routine. Planning should be done a bit different with kids in the picture, for several reasons. We are going to give you some tips on how to move successfully with kids.

  1. Start early. Start planning and packing earlier. Minimize last minute changes as much as possible because they will not like that. This is already enough change as it is. With that, think about how you want to decorate your new home and what you can put into the new home that will feel a little like the old home for sentiment purposes. Maybe the child’s favorite room can be recreated (as much as possible) to their liking. These things take time and so that is why we suggest you start early, if you can. Most movers have a bit of time set for the moving process, but that is not always the case. If you have the time, use it your advantage. 

  1. Involve your kids in the moving process! It is easy to overlook the kids when moving and preparing, but the best thing to do is involve them from the beginning, for yours and their sake. Though they cannot do much, even the smallest task can make a difference in your child’s feelings towards their new home and will also help you. Think of fun ways to entice them to pack their room. Allow them to decorate the moving boxes. Anything they can help with will help both you and them. It might help you phsically, while helping them mentally and emotionally. 

  1. Prepare the kids. As you are involving them in the moving process, also give them as much information about your new home as possible. Show them pictures of what their new bedroom will look like, where they will go to school, any parks in the area or places you know they would like. Maybe even visit the neighborhood if you have a chance to and give them a little tour.

  1. Host a goodbye party. There is a lot of fear associated with this move because it is new. Between your child’s final day at their old school and saying goodbye to friends, to doing that all over again in a new place, there is a lot to fear about the move. Think of this goodbye party as closure; invite friends and neighbors and allow this party to be a final goodbye. You can also do the same in your new home and invite neighbors and new potential friends at school to allow everyone a chance to meet and make moving  a little less lonely.

If some of these steps are taken when moving with children, then it might just make a little difference in how they feel as they approach this very new and scary time. It is new and scary for adults too; it is change after all and change is never easy. For kids, this is their first-time experiencing change and it is a pretty major kind of change at that. Being patient and understanding, while taking into consideration things that will make them a little less scared will ease the process not only for them, but for you.



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