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Moving Tips

(Published on - 6/18/2020 3:58:38 PM)

Whether you are moving down the street or across the country, moving is never an easy process. Most find it stressful and the thought of it alone is exhausting. The thing is, moving does not have to be disastrous. There are plenty of ways to avoid some of the stress that moving causes. It will not take away all the stress, because moving is still moving, but it will help. Here is a list of 5 major tips to help during your next move:

  1. Get Rid of Things: It is exactly what it sounds like, and the hoarder that lives inside us is struggling because they know we might have to get rid of that letter your friend in the 5th grade wrote to you. Everything has some kind of memory behind it, so letting go of even the smallest thing is hard, we know that. The thing is, when moving, you cannot afford to pack every little clip or note. You must get rid of things you do not regularly need to make the moving process easier for you. It means you pack less, move less, and less clutter when you move into your next place.

  1. Make a Calendar: Moving is stressful mostly because before you start, the first thing that comes to mind is, “where do I start??” I mean we all have thought the same thing because we are staring at a whole house that needs to be packed up; where is the right place to start? There is no right place to start, but what you can do to make the process a bit more organized, is make a list/checklist of things as well as rooms that need to be packed. This way you can create a calendar of times set aside for certain rooms. If you think the kitchen will take the longest and you want to knock that out first, maybe the first 3-5 days of a specific week will be spent packing that up. Then, next week, you can work on bedroom #1. Also, that list will specify what exactly in that room needs to be packed up so you can prioritize. With all this being done, you can even set an official moving day and if there is a moving day already set, then you can plan ahead. Either way, you are only helping yourself stay on top.

  1. Schedule Utilities For Your Next Place: If you already know when you will be moved into your next place, call the utility companies, and schedule the services out. At the same time, request service stops for your move-out date at your current home. This takes one less thing off your plate because it will already be scheduled, you won’t have to remember to call when you have a million and one things to do as you are moving out/in.

  1. Rent a Truck: If you are moving, you are more than likely needing to rent a truck to help transport your furniture. Consider size of truck you will need, which will depend on how many things you need to transport and consider how long you will need it. That is part of planning ahead. This way you will know how your things will be transported, when, and how long which will make the moving process more organized.

  1. Order Boxes: You will need boxes on top of boxes. That is the infamous way to pack your belongings when moving. In order to stay prepared for when it is time to pack, have boxes prepared. Also, the earlier you have those boxes, the sooner you can start packing things early on. If you know you are moving early on, you can also save boxes that come your way, say from mail/packages.



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