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How to Get Your Home Ready for the Summer

(Published on - 6/22/2020 7:14:35 PM)

It may seem like all you need to do to prepare for the summer is buy new bathing suits and book a vacation, but there is actually more to it, and it is right in your home! Your home needs a little attention as you transition from season to season, especially when transitioning from Winter months. Not many people actually know this, and that is okay because that is what we are here for. We want to let you know about some of those things you will want to pay attention to as you enter the Summer season.

  1. Service Your Air Conditioner

No one wants to enter the Summer season, turn on their AC, and realize it is broken or it needs servicing. Servicing is not a huge issue, but it is when time is of the essence. When it is hot, it is hot, and surviving without AC is tough, especially in Florida. Some things you might want to do is, during Spring, check your system and ensure it is good and ready. Simply turn on the AC and see how it runs and that will give you an idea on whether it is good or not. Another thing you may want to change is the system’s filter. Just like your car’s filters, AC filters need to be changed at some point, because they will clog up eventually.

  1. Clean gutters

Winter can be tough on your gutters. The damage, if not tended to, can lead to leaks in your basement or wood rot around the gutters. You might need a professional when cleaning gutters because it can be a tough job, but ultimately if you want to take on the job, you can definitely tackle it. Keep in mind, if you do it alone, you will need some things like a sturdy ladder, gloves, safety glasses, a hose, and trowel. You use the trowel to scoop the dirty stuff from inside your gutters and then, using your hose, run water through to clean and force out clogs.

  1. Inspect Outdoor Plumbing

Plumbing plays a big role in getting ready for the Summer season. That is because you want to make sure your irrigation system made it through the winter intact. You will want to remove insulators from the outdoor faucets and turn on the water. Make sure the water is running correctly. If not, this gives you a chance to call in a plumber to come check it out.


  1. Clean your yard

If you have done all the important things in the home that need your attention before the Summer season starts, then you can focus on your yard. It is not absolutely necessary to do before the Summer, but will need to get done at some point, so why not do it before it gets too hot to be outside. If you have patio furniture, play areas, or a pool that needs some love, end of Springtime is the time to do it. Bring the furniture or toys out of storage, give them a nice cleaning, and set them up.



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