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Benefits of Staging Your Home

(Published on - 6/15/2020 5:30:49 PM)

Staging a home sounds a lot like putting on a show. Where is the correlation you ask? You are essentially putting your home in the spotlight and the starring act would be your potential buyers. They want to see if they can fit on stage, in the spotlight. You are creating a space for these potential home buyers to see themselves in this home. They want to feel like it is home, and how can that happen when it is not their home?  You give them room, quite literally, to see themselves in the home. Your role is to depersonalize a bit to give the home buyers a chance to see themselves in the home. You can do so by cleaning, replacing, and decluttering. These are just a few general things you can do to stage your home for potential buyers. Let us get a bit more specific on ways to depersonalize!

  • Declutter: To get more specific on decluttering, you are going to want to go into each room of the house and remove things that you do not need anymore; now and later when you move. This helps you organize for your moving process while also giving you and the buyer space to see themselves in the home. Even if you do not want to get rid of certain things but still want to make more space in the room, get some storage space and put the extra items in there for now. The less things, the more space. This a plus for buyers because they want space and when given space, they can visually see how they are going to make use of that room.  


  • Deep clean: It is exactly how it sounds; deep clean that house! No one wants to come see their possible future home of many years looking dirty. Aim to clean to a point where it looks like nobody actually lives in the home: no smudges on the windows, no dust bunnies on the floor, no water marks on the counters. A clean home tells potential buyers that you’ve taken great care of the property. It improves the overall look and feel when stepping into the home.

  • Lighting: You will want to increase lighting in the home. This will not take much time out of your day to do. If you have blinds, open them. If you have burned out lightbulbs, change them. Turn your lights on before showing and open those windows!


  • Update finishes: Things like missed areas in the paint inside or wallpaper that needs to be changed is another area you will want to focus on. They may seem little, but they also improve the overall look of the house. Those things add up and even if you have all the lights on in the house and it is squeaky clean, it will not matter if there are unfinished pieces in the home that need a little TLC. Those things can and will stand out. 

  • Use extra rooms: If you have extra rooms that you don’t use, make it look like you use them. This gives buyers a chance to also see how they can make use of this extra room themselves. Maybe you can stage it as an office or guest bedroom, which you might already have done. This is for people that have extra rooms and do not do anything with them, which is okay because you may not need it for anything, but potential buyers want to see the potential in that extra room.


Everything you have done in your home and/or how you make use of it will also be how buyers perceive it. If that extra room is empty, buyers will just see an extra room that has nothing to it. If the house is dark and gloomy, then they will feel dark and gloomy looking at it. Think about you seeing your home for the first time; what did you want to see from it. What about homes you saw, that did not work out? What about them did not work? You have been in that position before so make use of that experience and create that dream space that buyers want to buy and you want to sell!



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