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Fix or Move?

(Published on - 5/15/2020 3:32:52 PM)





I'm sure we've all had a moment when we asked ourselves, "this house is getting old, should I fix it or just move?" Well, we are here to tell you the things you should consider when making this important decision. Buying a new house or fixing it consist of two things: time and money. It is not a light decision to make. So, what's easier? 


There are several factors to take into consideration when making that ultimate decision. Here is a list: 

  •          List Home Improvement Goals:



   It can be overwhelming to set goals for your home. When will I achieve these goals? Which projects should      come first? There are steps to take when coming up with a list. First, set realistic and manageable goals, then    write a list. Divide that list into two sections, projects you NEED to get done, and projects you would LIKE to get done. This will give you a clearer head space when coming up with goals. Then, get a calendar. Start writing tasks on your calendar while considering the times of year that would be best for these projects. For example, you will want to clean your gutters in the fall. 


  1. Learn Your Local Market:


  Buying a house is exciting, but also a bit complicated. You might find what seems like the best home, but way over your target price. Knowing your local market is the basic first step when considering buying a home, so you are not running into dream homes way too over budget. There is a time and place to buy. Also, renting vs. buying may be another obstacle you come across. Talk to agents and do your research!


  1. Estimate Renovation Costs:


  When you have made that list of home improvement goals, you also are looking into costs of the goals as well. Is it something you can handle at this time?


Lastly, it is time to compare. Now that you have the costs of your home improvement goals as well as knowledge on your local market, what is the best decision you can make for yourself?




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