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Neighborhood Spotlight (Thornton Park)

(Published on - 6/3/2020 5:05:29 PM)

Located just minutes away from Lake Eola Park, Thornton Park features a cosmopolitan feel. This neighborhood features exclusive and upscale restaurants and high-end fashion. It is one of the most desirable places to live in Downtown Orlando. The Sanctuary, some of the most expensive condos in Orlando, is located in Thornton Park. Apart from The Sanctuary, you can find other luxury condominiums all around. Let’s give you a little insight and must go to places in the area!


Community: This lively hip urban neighborhood hosts driven events, live music, and diverse entertainment on a nightly basis. Some local events are the farmers market, artists wine and art walk, and pub crawls!



Dog Friendly Restaurants: Thornton Park offers numerous pet friendly dining options for all you dog lovers! First off, we have the Stubborn Mule. It is an American style bar and restaurant. They are known for their mules (of course), cocktails, wines, and full food menu. They have a lovely outdoor patio where you can enjoy some fresh air with your dog! Next up is Island Time, another restaurant that has dog-friendly outdoor patio seating. Your taste buds will enjoy their Fresh Southern Fare and Caribbean-Inspired cuisine. Lastly, is one of the oldest bars in all of Orlando, called Burtons. Known for being pet friendly, Burtons is a dive bar that serves a variety of beer and wine, as well as freshly popped popcorn.




Things to do: First up is Artifact Candle Foundry, a DIY candle making experience. This is where you can make fun new memories while also making scented hand made candles. Pretty cool right? Another thing to do is get ice cream at the Greenery Creamery. This is not just any ice cream, it's a variety of dairy free and vegan ice creams in unusual flavors, plus an assortment of cones. Finally, go to the one and only, Lake Eola! It is walking distance and chances are, some of these shops or restaurants are right across the street from the lake.  






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