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Can Your Backyard Increase Home Value?

(Published on - 5/20/2020 2:55:22 PM)

Does a backyard matter? It is in the back, it is not really part of the house, who cares right? Well, you should care! The front yard serves as an entry point to the house, which is pretty much the first impression of the house, but the backyard serves as privacy. The front of the house is just as important as the back. Why are we so pro- backyards? That is because backyards can increase the value of your home. You may not really care to do anything with or in your backyard, which is fine, but when it’s time to sell your home, keep in mind that the backyard can increase your home's value, which puts things into perspective. A home that has proper landscaping has a significant price advantage of about 5-12 percent than homes that do not have any landscaping. I know what this sounds like, I must spend money just to make money? The answer is yes because it will pay itself back and maybe more when the time comes. That 5-12 percent translates to 16-38,000 dollars! Small improvements to your backyard do not require that much money to invest in. Here are a few ways to increase value:

  1. Simply refresh your landscape: According to the NAR (National Association of Realtors) and NALP (National Associate of Landscape Professionals), an outdoor makeover could net you a healthy 83 percent return on investment. Things like simply installing mulch or planting some flower shrubs/trees.

  1. Put up lights: Put up some lights and you are good to go! LED lights are bright and just the thing to liven up your backyard (now keep in mind putting up lights alone may not be the only thing that increases the home value, but invest in lights and maybe refresh your landscape^  and you are on the right path) Backyard lighting is a great way of lighting up outdoor areas bringing positive attention to the backyard and home overall. LED lights also use up to 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent lights.

  1. Invest in a playground: This will be huge for families that are looking into buying a home. Backyards are already something they like to look at because kids love to play outside of course but having a playground will grab their attention unlike any other. Families with kids tend to look at amenities in homes that are kid friendly.

  1. Furniture: Invest in backyard furniture. This provides a home like feel right in the backyard. Things like a patio daybed for relaxation or possible day time naps, a gazebo to hang out in without having the sun directly on you, or some outdoor couches and in the middle maybe think about installing a little fireplace for a night time relaxation.  



As stated above, maybe just refreshing your grass or putting up lights alone will not bring in a crazy increase, but it should help! Also, the more you do and invest, the more you get back. There are more expensive or and cheaper options available for you to think about. Furniture or a playground on its own will be huge, and maybe lights as well as planting some flowers/trees will increase the look overall and will be a huge success as well when implemented together.



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