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How to Keep Your Home Organized

(Published on - 7/2/2020 3:35:15 PM)

Getting your home organized and clean makes you feel more in control, like you have your life together. Being in order can help reduce stress and increase productivity so you can achieve your goals. Organizing your home is normally not as big of an issue as it is to keep it organized. With that being said, you should aim to keep a system for things/places in the house that are continuously put into place to keep your home organized.

  1. Follow a 1-minute rule

This ultimately means that if the task takes less than one minute to do, do not put it off for later, do it immediately. It does not sound like much of a difference, but it really is. If there are about 5 things that need to be done and they each take about a minute to do, and you choose to put them off, then they will eventually add up. For instance, if you have a one single dish and you put it off, the next person with a dirty dish will most likely leave theirs because there is already a dirty dish, and it will just keep adding up. If you take care of that one dish, then the next dish gets taken care of, then there will not be a sink full of dishes by the end of the night. This goes for anything in the home, not just dishes or in the kitchen. The small things always add up, so do not underestimate the power that one thing holds.


  1. Deal with your mail as you receive it

It is easy for mail to pile up. You either open it and can’t decide if you will need it later or not so you put it to the side or you don’t open your mail at all and also put it to the side. Either way, mail is getting put to the side. This creates a lot of clutter because most of the time it is not literally being put to the side, it just stays wherever you opened it, right? We are all guilty of it. What you can do is deal with it as you receive it. This means open your mail as you receive it and decide if you need it or not. If you need it, take care of it and do what needs to be done with it. If it is a bill and you can pay it now, do so. If you want to deal with it later, have a bin or folder in a special place that you will put mail in.

  1. Make your bed as soon as you get up

When you think about it, a bedroom’s main piece is the bed, right? When that bed is a mess, the room is bound to look a mess also. If the bed is made, the room is more organized and a lot less loud. When you get up, make the bed right away. Get it over with right then and there. As you enter the room, you will realize that unless your closet was attacked, your room is clean because the main thing you use in your day is your bed to sleep in. The bed is the main piece and probably the biggest, so taking a minute to make it each morning keeps at least one room organized.

  1. Keep everyone involved

If you have a family full of family members, this is your chance to divide responsibility. At the end of each week, one person can be involved in cleaning one certain area in the house, or even each day of the week, pay a little attention to a certain area of the house. For instance, if you are in charge of the downstairs bathroom, you will want to make sure toilet paper is enough and there is enough soap as well as maybe wiping down the sink each day after using it. Maybe the tub can be cleaned every Sunday. It can be up to that person how they want to maintain that area. This keeps everyone involved and on top of things so that the responsibility is not on one person as well as maintaining a clean house consistently.

  1. Tidy up during downtime

Each time there is a bit of downtime, take a couple of minutes to clean. You can even just focus on the area you are currently in. You do not need to do much, but that goes a long way. The smallest efforts can also go a long way, in a good way. Just like we said, one dish can make a big effect, so the small things do matter.



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