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The Technology of Home Selling

(Published on - 3/23/2023 4:54:28 PM)

The process of selling a home is always evolving and has changed tremendously in the past few years.

   Available technology and rapidly changing market conditions are the driving forces primarily behind those changes. Photography and video are a big part of that. Here are five considerations when marketing a home for sale in 2023.


   This seems to be a basic concept to most home sellers, but professional quality photography is now the industry standard in all price ranges. And yet a recent national estimate showed that only 67% of homes marketed in 2021 had professional grade photos when it is considered a standard expectation of home sellers.



   The current norm is a full 3D rendering of a home, its outbuilding, and even exterior grounds. During the pandemic, 3D walk-through tours were expected in most price ranges and now are very common. Zillow 3D and Matterport are the technologies most used.



   Full videos of homes also are becoming more and more common. Video offers more options to capture a unique setting, the outdoor appeal of a property, and they give the viewer a sense of how a property “lives.”

   Some video productions are a “mini movie” with a theme and even actors to portray the qualities of a home and lifestyle.



   Another consideration is drone images of a property. Drone photography and video are becoming much more common, especially in rural areas and for large homes and parcels.

   These images can capture not only the setting of a home, but also outbuildings, nearby amenities, views and more.

   Lot lines and roadways can be overlayed to enhance the marketing of a home. Care must be made that the drone operator is licensed and following federal, state and local guidelines.



   The final consideration is that of an internet presence. All of the above is great but only if the homebuyers can gain easy access to it. Social media sites are ideal for this. Multiple Listing Service platforms have the ability to portray and disseminate images, 3D tours and video, but ultimately the end user must be kept in mind.

   Websites and home listing aggregators always are wanting to provide the homebuying public high-tech and visually appealing content.

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