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For Sale Signs, Are There Really That Many Homes on the Market?

(Published on - 9/7/2021 6:47:32 PM)

We hope the Summer has been treating you and your family well.

As you have read in the past, Sue and I are slowly moving toward retirement, well Sue is there, but over the next two years I will be transitioning out of Real Estate and letting Renee take the reins.
No worries though, you are not quite done with me yet. I will be here for your needs and you will be hearing from me in the coming newsletters.
Of course, both Renee and I will always be here to help with your Real Estate needs. 

As our first step moving toward retirement, Sue and I will be traveling in September. Fortunately, we have close friends that will be staying at our home and watching our precious two cats and the flowers and gardens.
During this time away, we will be biking in Albania and Greece and hope to fill you in when our October newsletter come out.
So until then….

In regard to Real Estate.
As both Renee and I take our clients around to look at homes, we inevitable get asked
‘Why we are not showing all the homes that have signs on them?’

This is such a great question, we wanted to bring to light the reasons for driving past those homes.

The first reason is that when showing our clients homes, we know what price range and features the clients are looking for and if the homes do not fit. There is no reason to both take the time of the Client to see a home that does not fit their needs, along with rearranging the homeowners schedule for a home that will not fit our clients.

In today’s market, homes are not staying active very long,
When we say ‘Active’, it means the home is available for sale and not under contract.
Once the home goes under contract, the signs will stay up for as long as 45 days. Few agents put sign riders on them saying they are under contract; they want to keep the interest up just in case the home falls out of contract.
We have a chart below that will show at the time we pulled the figures,
only 22% of the homes that have signs on them are still active and waiting for that buyer to come and view the home.
The remainder are under contract, and basically off the market.
Could they come back? It is possible, but in today’s hot real estate market, this is unlikely.

So bottom line,

As you are driving around you will see a lot of signs on homes, but only about 22% or so percent of those homes are active and waiting for that right buyer to come and see them. Then depending on the Buyers needs, only a percent of that 22% may fit.
That is where Renee and I come into play, sorting though the homes to find the ones that fit your needs, and also still active and allowing showings.

I hope this helps solve part of the mystery of your question, why not that one?

Have a great end of your summer and early fall and we will be back to you next month.

Renee and Jeff


  Total Signs Up Active homes Home signed, but under Contract
Railroad Springs 12 2 10
Presidio 17 3 14
Boulder Pointe 5 1 4
Pine Canyon 27 7 20
University Heights 8 3 5
Foxglenn general area 13 2 11
Elk Run/ Continental General area 42 13 29
Sunnyside 8 2 6
Swiss Manor and below Mt Elden 3 1 2
Ponderosa Trails 8 0 8
Doney Park, General area 74 22 52
Ft Valley/Baderville 5 4 1
Kachina/Mountainaire 23 3 20
Timber Sky 39 0 39
Pondersoa Parkway Condos 26 2 24
Total in all of Flagstaff 459 102 357
% of homes that have signs that are ACTIVE   22.22%  



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