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How Have Flagstaff Homes Appreciated Over the Last 4 Years?

(Published on - 6/24/2021 8:56:04 PM)

Often, in old western movies, when the good guys were overwhelmed or in danger, the cavalry would come riding to the rescue.

It made for an exciting scene!

These days, you may never get into a situation where you need soldiers on horseback to help you. However, it can be all-too-easy to become overwhelmed with questions and concerns, particularly when it comes to real estate.

When that happens, rather than waiting for the cavalry to come galloping over the hill, you can call or email Renee or I.

We are happy to “come to the rescue” and provide you with any answers or advice you need. In fact, We have access to the latest data on the Flagstaff to Williams market, so you can always count on the insights and recommendations we provide to be current.

So, even if you’re merely curious about our local real estate scene — what’s available, prices, etc. — feel free to reach out to one of us at any time.

Now, let’s dive into a bit of the data...

What has the market done in the last 4 years?  How substantially have prices increased?  Below is a chart showing the percentage of change throughout Flagstaff neighborhoods or the surrounding areas between 2017 - 2021. 




As you can see, the percentage of change is quite drastic and since 2017 Flagstaff’s median sales price has increased by 51.5%.


With numbers soaring we are often asked when the bubble is going to pop. Well, our crystal ball is currently broken but we do know that if inventory slowly climbs then prices will continue to rise rapidly but if inventory sharply increases, house price growth will slow. 


Please reach out to Jeff or I if you have any questions or would like more data for a specific area. 





Did you know there are 6 fires currently burning in our county? Be fire READY!


Guidance from our county's emergency department recommends being fire safe around your home AND they provide a service for having you stay in the know for evacuation alerts.

Learn about evacuations here - be ready - set - go!

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