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How about Flagstaff Native Wildflowers and a Garden?

(Published on - 5/21/2020 6:14:52 PM)

Lets talk about something besides Real Estate this month;

I recently had the opportunity to listen to Kristin Haskins, the Executive Director of The Arboretum at Flagstaff speak at our local Flagstaff Rotary Club.
Her topic covered a lot of what is happening at the Arboretum and about Native Wildflowers.

About the Arboretum:

The Arboretum at Flagstaff was founded by Frances McAllister in 1981 as a private nonprofit organization under the official name "The Transition Zone Horticultural Institute." While research was the original primary focus, over the years it has become known as a destination for local and out-of-town visitors who want to learn more about the native plants and animals found in northern Arizona, and as a wonderful venue for a wide variety of events and educational programs.


The Arboretum at Flagstaffs mission is to increase the understanding, appreciation, and conservation of plants and plant communities native to the Colorado Plateau. We strive to:

  • Identify, evaluate, display, and introduce plants adaptable to the climatic and soil conditions of the Flagstaff environment
  • Seek through scientific research innovative solutions to conservation issues of this high altitude environment
  • Develop educational programs that increase the understanding of the need for wise stewardship of our natural environment.


Here are some Spring Seeding and Gardening Tips the Arboretum has put out.

So with all that,

I picked up some of their Native Wild Flower Seeds.
Last week on Mothers Day, May 10th I prepared a small bed in the front corner of our lot and planted the seeds.

This will be a fun experiment on how well I prepared the soil, planted the seeds and  have been keeping them watered until they sprout.

So every morning and evening, they get a drink, this morning I found 1 lone seed that has sprouted. Our friends Chad and Megan planted theirs on the 3rd and have a lot more up already, so mine I hope are just about ready to wake up.

The plot does not have any morning sun, there is a large Ponderosa Pine tree on the left you do not see and a Blue Spruce on the back right you do see.

The picture direction as you are looking at is pointed pretty close to East. So sun hits this spot about 1:00 p.m. every day.

My goal will be to update you on the garden throughout the summer.

Also in future newsletters I plan to give you more information about the Arboretum at Flagstaff. Kristin has provided a a list of the plants and will get that to you in my next newsletter. There are 16 native plants on the list. If you would like that ahead of time, reach out and I can send to you.
I also asked what book I should get to better understand our local Native Plants, she suggested;
Native Plants for High-Elevation Western Gardens by Jan Busco and Nancy Morin, this book was done in partnership with the Arboretum at Flagstaff

This will be fun to see how well this garden progresses through the summer.

I look forward updating you and please never hesitate reach out.
There are a number of things we can talk about besides Real Estate, so would love to visit



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