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Marana, AZ Homes for Sale: Find Your Dream Home with Real Estate

(Published on - 2/20/2023 7:49:38 PM)

Are you looking for the perfect home in Marana, AZ? Look no further than Jesse Marana Monday Lapham, your trusted real estate specialist with years of experience helping clients buy and sell homes in the area.

As an experienced real estate professional, Jesse provides a wide range of services to help you find your dream home. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or an experienced investor, Jesse has the expertise to guide you through the buying process and ensure you make informed decisions.

Marana, AZ, is a great place to call home, with its beautiful natural surroundings, top-rated schools, and convenient location. And with homes available at various prices, there's something for everyone in this vibrant community.

So, what types of homes are available in Marana, AZ? Here are a few options to consider:

  1. Single-Family Homes: Marana has plenty of single-family homes if you're looking for a traditional family home. These homes typically offer three or more bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and ample living space for families of all sizes.
  2. Townhomes and Condos: For those who prefer a low-maintenance lifestyle, Marana also offers a variety of townhomes and condos. These properties often feature shared amenities like pools, fitness centers, and clubhouses, making them an excellent choice for busy professionals and retirees.
  3. Horse Properties: Marana has various horse properties if you're an equestrian enthusiast. These homes often feature large acreage, stables, and riding areas, making them an excellent choice for those who want to keep horses on their property.
  4. Luxury Homes: If you're looking for something extraordinary, Marana has plenty of luxury homes available. These homes often feature high-end finishes, expansive living spaces, and stunning views of the surrounding mountains and desert landscapes.

Whatever type of home you're looking for in Marana, AZ, Jesse Lapham can help you find the perfect property to meet your unique needs and budget. And with his intense focus on customer satisfaction and commitment to personalized service, you can easily trust Jesse to guide you through the entire home-buying process.

Ready to start your search for homes in Marana, AZ? Follow the link below to browse current listings, or contact Jesse today to schedule a consultation and get personalized assistance with your home search.

Link: View Homes Here 

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A President's Day reflection on real estate

(Published on - 2/20/2023 1:54:29 PM)

   President's Day is a time to reflect on the achievements and legacies of the leaders who have helped shape our country. But beyond the politics and policy-making, there's another important aspect of American history that often goes overlooked: the role of real estate in our nation's growth and development.

From the Homestead Act of 1862 to the development of suburban communities in the post-war era, real estate has played a central role in shaping the landscape of America. Here are just a few examples of how real estate has shaped our history:

1. The Homestead Act of 1862: Opening Up the West
Signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln, the Homestead Act of 1862 granted millions of acres of land to settlers in the western United States. This historic piece of legislation played a critical role in the development of the American West, and it paved the way for generations of farmers, ranchers, and homesteaders to stake their claim to the land and build a new life.

2. The Rise of Suburban America: Post-War Development
Following World War II, millions of American families began moving out of the cities and into the suburbs. This mass migration was fueled by a number of factors, including the availability of affordable homes, the growth of the automobile industry, and the desire for more space and privacy. Real estate developers capitalized on this trend by building vast communities of single-family homes, which transformed the landscape of America and helped create the modern suburban lifestyle.

3. The Financial Crisis of 2008: Lessons Learned
While not a specific event related to President's Day, the financial crisis of 2008 had a profound impact on the real estate industry and the American economy as a whole. This crisis, which was caused in large part by the subprime mortgage market and the collapse of the housing bubble, resulted in widespread foreclosure and economic hardship for millions of Americans. While it was a difficult time, it also provided valuable lessons about the importance of responsible lending and the need for greater transparency and accountability in the real estate industry.

   As we celebrate President's Day and reflect on the many ways that real estate has shaped American history, it's important to remember that the future of real estate is just as important as its past. At Realty Executives, we're committed to helping our clients navigate the complex and ever-changing world of real estate, from buying and selling homes to investing in commercial properties. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your real estate goals and build a strong financial future.

Spread Love and Kindness: Celebrating National Random Acts of Kindness

(Published on - 2/17/2023 11:13:10 PM)

Happy National Random Acts of Kindness Day! Today is a special day dedicated to spreading love, positivity, and joy through small acts of kindness. As real estate professionals, we have a wonderful opportunity to make a big impact on the lives of those we interact with on a daily basis.

In the hustle and bustle of the real estate industry, it can be easy to forget the importance of human connection. We get so caught up in closing deals and making sales that we sometimes forget the people behind them. But today, let's take a moment to slow down and remember the power of kindness.

It doesn't take much to make someone's day. Whether it's offering a listening ear to a client who may be going through a difficult time or simply holding the door open for someone, small gestures can go a long way. As real estate professionals, we have a unique opportunity to show kindness in our work. By going above and beyond to help clients with their needs, we can create a positive impact that extends far beyond a simple transaction.

At Realty Executives Arizona Territory, we understand the importance of spreading love and positivity in all aspects of life. We strive to create a culture of kindness and compassion, both in our personal lives and in our work as real estate agents. We believe that when we lead with kindness, we can create a ripple effect that inspires others to do the same.

So on this National Random Acts of Kindness Day, let's join together in celebration and make kindness a part of our everyday lives. Whether it's a small gesture or a grand gesture, let's take the time to show kindness to those around us. Together, we can make the world a better place, one random act of kindness at a time.

In conclusion, let's keep in mind the power of small gestures and their ability to create positive change. Let's spread love and positivity, both in our personal lives and in our work as real estate professionals. Let's create a culture of kindness and compassion that extends far beyond a simple transaction. Happy National Random Acts of Kindness Day! #NationalRandomActsOfKindnessDay #RealEstate #SpreadLove #PositiveVibes ????

Thinking about Buying or Selling?

(Published on - 4/8/2016 6:08:40 PM)

The first step, once you start thinking about buying or selling real estate, is to talk with real estate agents. Yes, that is plural as in more than one. I know some of my colleagues might cringe at this advice, but I honestly think that you need to find someone that you feel comfortable with. After all, real estate tends to be one the largest financial decisions most people will ever make.

                I frequently get asked why I hold so many open houses and the answer is two-fold. First, I know many people are just curious about neighborhoods and current real estate trends. Secondly, I want to be available to make a causal connection with you. I understand most people are not going to call up a realtor just because they think they might want to buy a home. Sellers are a little different and if they have had a good experience with a real estate agent, they might call and ask the “what if” questions. Daily I meet people that have thought about buying a home many times, sometimes for years, but hear horror stories about shady sales people or how the market is “this or that” from friends and family. Honestly, I’m sure that there is some truth to these stories, but the mass majority of the realtors out there are hardworking men and women trying to do what is best for their clients.

I believe that communication is the key to every real estate transaction. I feel my clients need to be able to reach me directly. Early in our relationship, I ask how you like to communicate. I have been in many transactions that have been 100% texts, email, face to face meetings or phone calls. Most transactions are a mix of all these methods of communication. I just need to know what you are most comfortable with and I will tailor my communications to serve you best.

In closing, this blog is a new concept I am using to reach more people.  My wish is to add a post a week, mostly likely every Friday. Free to leave comments, ask questions, and let me what topics you would like for me explore.  


A Little about the City I Love

(Published on - 4/8/2016 5:51:47 PM)


First, thank you for taking the time to read this.  Having been in Tucson since my second birthday and now being well into my fourth box of birthday candles, I feel that I have an insider's view of Tucson in general.

I lived in the Tucson area on the far west side of the city with its gorgeous mountain views and desert wildlife. This area in great for those wanting their own space without the interruptions of neighbors close by. As of late, this area has had an increase in newer homes that offer great value while maintaining all of the modern finishes we have come to expect.
My family then moved and we spent my high school years and then some in the midtown area.  Midtown has many of the conveniences that living in the middle of everything has to offer. This is truly a beautiful area in Tucson if your value convenience.
Sometime after high school, I found my living in the rapidly growing northwest side of Tucson. I found it amazing that again, this area seemed to have it all. The northwest side of town has all of the conveniences of any modern city and also offers a beautiful view of the majestic desert mountains which showcases our legendary sunsets.

Somewhere between the second and third box of birthday candles, I moved to the east side of Tucson. Surrounded by the Catalina Mountains to the north and the Rincon Mountains to the east, my family and I decided this is where we would call home.  This area has so much to offer from convenient hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities, to eating, shopping and relaxing at some of the finest resorts, restaurants and shops.  

I can honestly say that I think every community that makes up the Tucson area has something special to offer. That is why in this community I feel you need a Realtor that is willing and able to spend the time to get to know what your needs are and knows the different areas that make up the amazing communities of Tucson.

Give me a call today....lets get out there and discover your forever home!!


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