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Thinking about Buying or Selling?

(Published on - 4/8/2016 6:08:40 PM)

The first step, once you start thinking about buying or selling real estate, is to talk with real estate agents. Yes, that is plural as in more than one. I know some of my colleagues might cringe at this advice, but I honestly think that you need to find someone that you feel comfortable with. After all, real estate tends to be one the largest financial decisions most people will ever make.

                I frequently get asked why I hold so many open houses and the answer is two-fold. First, I know many people are just curious about neighborhoods and current real estate trends. Secondly, I want to be available to make a causal connection with you. I understand most people are not going to call up a realtor just because they think they might want to buy a home. Sellers are a little different and if they have had a good experience with a real estate agent, they might call and ask the “what if” questions. Daily I meet people that have thought about buying a home many times, sometimes for years, but hear horror stories about shady sales people or how the market is “this or that” from friends and family. Honestly, I’m sure that there is some truth to these stories, but the mass majority of the realtors out there are hardworking men and women trying to do what is best for their clients.

I believe that communication is the key to every real estate transaction. I feel my clients need to be able to reach me directly. Early in our relationship, I ask how you like to communicate. I have been in many transactions that have been 100% texts, email, face to face meetings or phone calls. Most transactions are a mix of all these methods of communication. I just need to know what you are most comfortable with and I will tailor my communications to serve you best.

In closing, this blog is a new concept I am using to reach more people.  My wish is to add a post a week, mostly likely every Friday. Free to leave comments, ask questions, and let me what topics you would like for me explore.  



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