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Hosting A Housewarming Party

(Published on - 11/7/2019 4:42:42 PM)

Buying a new home is an exciting time for anyone! Getting to show off your new pad to friends, family and neighbors…even more exciting. Here are some tips to get you ready to hold an easy and fun housewarming party.

Who to Invite?

Knowing who to invite to a housewarming party can be stressful. Do you want it more of a intimate gathering or open to many? It is ultimately up to you but typically family, close friends, new neighbors and even some of their friends should be included on the guest list. The point of welcoming people into your new home is to expand your circle and make friends in your new area. If you have young kids, this is also a great opportunity for them to meet kids their own age and schedule play dates. Meeting new friends, introducing your family to your new home…all this will help acclimate you to your new neighborhood.

Should You Have a Theme?

Not all parties need to have a theme, but it can help bring the decor, food and place settings all together and look cohesive to your guests. Maybe you want something more casual? Then go with a block party type housewarming, full of easy handheld food and games. Looking for something sophisticated? An open house with a seasonal theme is more for you. Some examples are for spring, your guests could expect fresh flowers from the garden and bright colors. For fall, rustic place settings and pumpkin based desserts could tie everything together. Whatever the theme, choose something that best fits your friends, family and new home.


Your new place may not be completely in order by the time the party comes around but that’s OK! Not having everything done means you can ask your guests for decorating or organizing advice. For the party decor itself, go back to your color scheme or a theme you decided on. Gather simple items to place on tables or trays, put out candles or flowers to spruce up the place. 

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Throwing A Family Friendly Halloween Party

(Published on - 10/22/2019 6:36:44 PM)

It’s spooky season! We know that every year when fall rolls around, many of us create our October bucket lists: visit a pumpkin patch, watch Halloween movies, visit a haunted house, and throw a Halloween party. But if you’ve never thrown a spooky event before, where do you start? Now that Halloween is right around the corner, here are some tips, tricks, and treats to planning the best Halloween party for your family. 

Festive Invitations

One of the most fun parts of planning a seasonal party is creating festive invitations. But since this is a kid-friendly party with your family, get your kids involved! Work together to create fun and creative party invites and let your kids decide which Halloween characters, colors, and icons you want to represent. You can take a look at fun ideas here. After you create the invitations, you can mail them out, or you and your kids can hand-deliver them to friends and family while wearing your Halloween costumes to get in the spirit from the start!

Spooky Decorations

Next up: the decorations! If you’re throwing a Halloween party and you want to surprise your kids, then you can check out our post all about how to create the spookiest haunted house that your family will love. But another fun idea is to get your whole family involved and create some adorable spooky decorations together. This post shares some awesome crafts like toilet paper roll bats, Q-tip skeletons, paper plate ghosts and more fun decor ideas that your kids will love making for the party. Remember that the decorations are what will make your party spooky but not so scary. No tricks and only treats here!

Themed Food

What would a seasonal party be without some ghoulish grub? Put on your festive fall apron and get ready to cook up some themed Halloween party food that’s easy, delicious, and totally photo-worthy. This list of Halloween snack recipes is perfect for parties that take place at any time of day for all ages, and your kids can even help you with the cooking! Don’t worry — these snacks aren’t difficult or time consuming, so you can create them the day of your event or even the day before in no time at all.

Happy Haunted Games

No party is complete without some games, and all ages can enjoy having fun at the spooky soiree you’re throwing this season. A costume contest is always a go-to at any Halloween party, but why not take your event to the next level and host a haunted Olympics? Games like a haunted scavenger hunt, balloon stomp (with orange balloons to mimic a pumpkin patch), a pumpkin carving or decorating contest, and a witch hat ring toss are definite crowd pleasers that all ages can have fun with. Check out this list of awesome Halloween party games!

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The Secret to Finding Balance as a Realty Estate Agent

(Published on - 10/17/2019 5:30:01 PM)

Overworked. Stretched too thin. Struggling to balance it all.

 This was how Lindsay Herrell of Escondido, Calif., felt when she signed up for a Buffini & Company real estate coach back in 2015. As a former lawyer, Herrell was quite familiar with the effects of an unbalanced work and family life—and what happens when you let it get out of hand. 

“Real estate can be a 24/7-type business, and my personality is not very good at saying no to things,” Herrell said. “I was finding myself just putting business before family again.” 

As a mom of three children, finding that family balance was important to Herrell. That’s why right away, her real estate coach helped her prioritize boundaries. 

“She established these little systems during that first call that put really amazing boundaries in my life, so I could be very present for my family and very fulfilled by that,” Herrell said. “Then, when I was working, I could be very present in my business and for my clients.” 

During this time, Herrell was expecting her third child. The structures suggested by her coach helped her do something she had been unable to do before—take a planned maternity leave from her business. She spent time with her now-complete family without scrambling to manage her real estate business, and she even closed a few deals. 

“While I was on maternity leave, the leads were still rolling in, and I actually earned Agent of the Month at my firm because of the deals I had put together before I had my daughter,” Herrell said. 

Another huge win for Herrell with One2One Coaching™ was the introduction of her annual client party. A people person at heart, Herrell has always loved that Buffini & Company systems include several client appreciation events. She had always dreamed of hosting an Easter egg hunt and brunch for all the families in her database. Within her first year of coaching, this became a reality.

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Front Entryway Designs to Fit Your Home's Style

(Published on - 10/15/2019 3:18:44 PM)

A welcoming and well-organized entrance will make your home feel inviting and set the tone for the rest of the home. But with the need for storage, seating and decor, what design concepts best fit your home entryway?

Open Concept

If you open you door to a large and empty space, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the open space but carve some clearly defined zones meant for specific purposes. Adding a large bench or sofa against your sofa can help define the entrance. Another way to make your own entry is to put a piece of furniture used to hold scarves, jackets or other outdoor accessories next to the door. This way your guests and yourself can enter the home and know what that space is intended for.


Maybe you have the opposite problem of an open concept and your home has a very small space for guests to put their belongings. This is when focusing on efficiency is important. With lack of floor space, use the walls to put up some deep shelves and coat hangers. The shoes can be easily put on the shelves and you make the most room for people standing. Another great tip for making any room feel bigger- add a mirror!

Fun and Funky

Having a place where you can sit and take off your shoes is essential in many homes. This seating is a great way to start showing off your unique style that is carried throughout the rest of your home. A patterned bench, a funky shaped chairs or soft sofa cushions are all fun ways to morph personality and functionality.

Hardworking Floors

Large families or homes with young kids may not get the chance to focus on style and instead need a room that is functional and durable. Installing tile, if your home doesn’t have it already, may be a big investment but it is definitely worth the pay off. Busy households are going to want floors and features that are easy to clean and weather resistant. Another design tip would be to put distressed furniture in the room. This way any nicks or scrapes will escape unnoticed by those coming and going.

No matter the purpose or personal style you want to add to your entryway designs, there are different ways to welcome guests and feel at home the moment you get back from a long day.

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5 Surefire Ways to Earn More Referrals

(Published on - 10/10/2019 8:54:27 PM)

By now, you’ve probably started thinking about the 2020 business plan and income goals you’d like to achieve. In order to start Q1 strong, you’ll need to generate a few high-quality real estate referrals now! When those transactions close early next year, you’ll be on track for a great 2020.

However, many of us know real estate referrals aren’t just given—they are earned! Invest in building relationships with your best people, so in return, they will refer you to their best people! This season, put in place these five surefire ways to earn more real estate referrals.

  1. Call Your Database With a Purpose

Stay in touch with current and past clients by checking in with a phone call. Maybe you’re assisting them with a transaction currently, or just checking in to see if they received a note you sent. Unlike a cold call—which has a very low probability of success—this is a call to someone who knows you and enjoys hearing from you! Your never know when someone has a referral to send you, so this is a great way to remind folks that you are there to help with all real estate needs.

  1. Get Face-to-Face With Your Clients

Make time in your day for client “pop-bys”—visits to your clients at their home. Bring a small gift with a message that says you are never too busy to help with their referrals. The holidays are a great time to get creative with these gifts—they could be anything from Halloween goodie bags to turkey basters to wrapping paper. This visit and pop-by gift reinforce an exceptional level of service that these clients will be eager to refer to others.

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