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Labor Day and Working Smart the Realty Executives Oceanside Way!!

(Published on - 9/4/2018 8:51:41 PM)


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As we approach Labor Day weekend it seems only right that I offer the highlights of my digital marketing subscriptions related to how we work. It was a perfect combo of new skills, tools and tips to help real estate agents and the overall quality of a real estate transaction experience in 2018.


Google Tasks

First on the list is my current favorite which is Google Tasks. Working as a Certified Digital Marketing Executive & mother of four means I survive on implementation of task management. Over the last 3 years I’ve tried, Asana, Airtable, Basecamp and Wrike. As an avid camper I do highly recommend Basecamp but it can overcomplicate workflow.

Instead I’ve been turning email requests for work directly into a new to-do in a matter of seconds. Google Tasks is scaled down, simple and streamlined while still fostering a feeling of organization for our staff, agents and clientele. Whether you are buying a home or selling your home there are important milestones you can easily track to ensure a smooth, smart transaction.


For more on Google Tasks click here:  Google Learning Center - Keep Track of Tasks


Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate

 Speaking of smart, the most enlightening highlight was easily the concept of cognitive computing. I wouldn’t be too quick to write it off or ignore it hoping it will just go away. Although you won’t be sitting across from a robot at closing quite yet, the use of cognitive computing has the potential to make a significant impact on the real estate industry via disruption or  enhancing evolution. A key threat comes from the idea that all of an agent's experience  and insight can be programed into a digital database.

This has major appeal for our consumers who are putting more intelligent real estate transactions in demand. With almost 2 decades of experience in the real estate workforce I’ve seen many a silly realtor. When merged with an Interactive Media Production degree, I like the idea of AI Mode. It will boost realty services & value by one of two ways. It’ll either compliment an agent or brokerages portfolio as a supplement or weed out those who aren’t dedicated to their craft of providing the highest quality real estate assistance from prospect to 10th anniversary of a client closing. An Executive Agent knows no amount of digital data can replace the emotional support provided by a true real estate expert.


Skill & Tips - For Agents, Buyers, Sellers

For the agents saying, “Bring it on!!” to the digital challenge it’s a great time to assess your current qualifications. This overview is also for anyone trying to find their local area expert. In order to deliver a brilliant real estate experience an Intelligent Executive Agent lives by a recurring theme of “Can’t Stop,” or, “Won’t Stop.” They thrive on refusing to stop educating themselves or to stop campaigning for their community. A really great agent will read this post and immediately sign up for a webinar to learn additional ways to advocate for others benefit. Good karma and relentless work ethic is non-negotiable.


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