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Is It the Right Time to Sell My House in Florida's Housing Market?

(Published on - 3/12/2021 4:40:40 PM)

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Should I stay or should I go? The age old question that got popularized by the Clash in 1981 hits close to home in our current Florida housing market today!   If you're a homeowner, you're probably looking with starry eyes at how much your home could sell for right now.  But how do you know if selling is right for you right NOW?  Here are a couple pros and cons to help make your decision easier:


Pro:  In today's market, sellers currently have the advantage.  Due to high demand, the influx of people wanting to move to Florida, and owners holding onto their homes, inventory is low.  This enables sellers to work with agents and gain the best possible price for your property!  You might start to celebrate when you see a property similar to yours on the market at price that could make you profit! But consider this if you're selling your house...


Con: This same seller's market could make it difficult for you to find a new home.  Those same higher prices apply to you!  You need to be sure you have enough funds for a down payment, a solid offer, and be willing to jump quickly to put an offer in.  Many times, offers come in over asking price and there are anywhere between 3-7 offers on average for any given property you'd be competing with!  But this could also work to your advantage...


Pro: Finding a buyer FAST.  With so many people looking to move or invest, potential buyers have been on the hunt and are willing to pay for what they want.  Buyers are experiencing the inventory shortage - they'll see a property they'd like, ask their agent to put down an offer, only to find that the property is already under contract! Our offices have seen properties go under contract anywhere within a few weeks to the very next day after the property has been listed! Most sellers feel they have their pick of offers available to them, which would be a plus for you!


Con: Moving could prove costly for you since your options could be slim.  If you can't find a home already on the market in Florida, you may think of building your own home. If this is you - pricing for those have increased as well; and some companies have increased their rates as much as $20,000 - $30,000 overnight!  This is largely due to increased lumber, appliance, and glass supply and demand. Renting is another option but just as costly and in most cases, monthly rent rates can be higher than a mortgage! You would have to be sure these 2 alternative options are something that is affordable for you.    


There you have it!  We hope these points help to keep you informed in making the right decision for you. We at Realty Executives Oceanside are here to help every step of the way.  Let our local experts help you with any of your buying or selling needs so you don't have make this big decision by yourself! 





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