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(Published on - 10/5/2023 6:14:00 PM)

While achieving world peace is a noble goal, if you want to bring some serenity into your life, start in your bedroom. Your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep; it's also where you wake up, and the atmosphere there can determine how the rest of your day will go. Here are five suggestions for making your bedroom more peaceful.

Pick soothing hues. While you might prefer the fire hues of red or orange, when choosing shades for your room, go with calming, serene colors like light blue or a soft gray.

Choose simple patterns. Keep the unique, interesting patterns for the throw cushions in the living area. Reduce busy patterns in your sleeping area because they can make us feel crowded and stressed.

Get rid of clutter. Keep your bedroom clutter-free, from laundry to large furniture, to make it a haven. Before going to bed, spend a few minutes putting away whatever you took out. Then, lock the closet doors, reposition the books on the shelves, and get ready for bed.

Bring in the natural world. Houseplants can improve mood and increase the amount of oxygen in the space. Place a few low-maintenance plants where you can see them as you wake up, such as a fern or ficus.

Choose the appropriate lighting. Blackout curtains are excellent for blocking obtrusive light, but they can also interfere with your sleep cycles by preventing your body from waking up at its regular time. Find a set of blackout curtains that block out light while allowing you to awaken naturally in the morning.





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